Yoga Programs for Schools

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Yoga in School

Is Yoga Right for Your School?

The tools of yoga and mindfulness are so beneficial for students. How do you implement them safely and consider parent values?

Do you hire an outside teacher or train one in house?

Are there poses you should not do in school?

Create a Classroom Yoga Corner

Space to Think… Do you ever just need to get away and remove yourself from a situation to be able to process it and deal with the emotions before you re-engage? Do you need to retreat to a quiet spot when technology and stimulation get to be too much? When we...

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Kids Yoga is so much more than Surfer Pose

Last week I had the  pleasure of working in two great schools with over 400 new students. Many of these students have done yoga before but not with a YogaKids trained teacher which is all good …except…. for the lost opportunity of the warriors. They all...

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6 Yoga Poses for Exams – 3 Minute Exam Prep Routine

Help your students achieve their best during during exam time with this quick yoga break to spark the brain and ease anxiety. Use these 6 yoga poses for exams to help them achieve their best. 6 Yoga Poses for Exams (3 minute exam prep cheatsheet) Ease Anxiety and...

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Sequencing a Kids Yoga Class that Works

A question I often receive from my kids yoga teacher training participants; as well as classroom and physical education teachers; is how to manage the different energy levels of kids that enter our class? What is the key to creating kids yoga class that works; with...

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Yoga Music for Tweens

Finding yoga  music  to appeal to the mid school age crowd can be challenging, so how do you appeal to this age where music is so important. They love the current hits but only for such a brief time – by the time I get it downloaded and figure out where it fits...

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Getting started using yoga in the classroom

 Introduce your new students to yoga to ease into a healthy classroom routine.  Yoga in the classroom is a powerful tool for creating an effective place to learn. Yoga Pose of the Day: (All Ages) Using the YogaKids Pose Cards or other similar yoga cards.  Post one...

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Yoga for Balance Principals

  Finding balance in life is much like finding balance in a yoga pose. The principals are the same. It starts with focus, setting our intentions and knowing what we want. From there we find the strength of our convictions, have the courage to stay the course, and...

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Yoga Poses For Focus and Concentration

Some days it’s just hard to focus. We are distracted and racing from one idea to another or the brain is cloudy and slow. Whatever the reason moving, especially conscious moving will help to find balance and help us to focus. Classroom Tip:  You may want to...

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21 Days of Feeling Good

Yoga for the classroom tools you will use over and over and over to keep you… feeling good all over!

Say YES! to Feeling Good

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