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Go Beyond Gym Class – Integrate Yoga and Mindfulness into Your Classrooms

Bring the Teachers’ Convention Experience to Your School

Excellent Team Bonding Experience

Book a workshop for your next PD day with a focus on teacher wellness or integrating yoga and mindfulness into your classrooms.

The workshops listed below can be combined to create a half or full day experience for your teachers.

Contact Krista to put together the best option for your school.

* Travel options are available for schools outside of Calgary.

3 Keys for Calm Classrooms - Create an Optimal Place for Learning and Creativity (1.5 hrs)

Peace Breath 1We learn and process information when we are relaxed and our brain waves are in a slower, larger pattern.  Learn how to use the breath and the physical body to get the mind into this optimal state for learning with quick and simple classroom activities.  Gentle movements are part of this workshop however it can be done at the desk to simulate a real classroom experience.

Reading and Yoga: Increase Comprehension and Retention and Make Reading Fun Again (1.5 hrs)

workshop_photo1 (1021x1024)When children read with yoga they are reading, absorbing the story, doing yoga poses, and exercising body and brain muscles all at once.  Inspire young readers to love books through movement and sounds.

Be prepared to move and act out stories for several age levels (Grades K – 6).  Take away super practical ideas to use right away in your classroom.

Energy Regulation and Transition Management (1.5 hrs)

Ladder Climbing (1)This session focuses on the real beauty of yoga; being able to change our emotional state through movements, breath and mindfulness. 

This is an active workshop to understand how to get the brain in an optimal state for learning.  Practical examples will be demonstrated that you can use in your classroom at the start of the day, after recess, at subject change and whenever your class needs to boost or calm down the energy.

Come prepared to move – yoga mats are provided.

YogaKids Tools for Schools Playshop (3 hrs)

YogaKids Tools for Schools

Ideas to make your classrooms a fun and effective place to learn. Using the YogaKids Toolbox of Pose Cards making it simple to use yoga in your daily classroom routine and help your students to:

  • Ease transition times,
  • Regulate emotions,
  • Make learning fun and memorable,
  • Encourage co-operation in the classroom.

Experiential workshop with ideas to use right away that work for students of all ages – even you!  Come to the session prepared for gentle movements.

Teacher Wellness Workshops and Programs

We focus so much attention on the kids – it’s time we remembered the teachers.

If we… Nourish the Teacher the Students will Thrive.

Building Deep Energy Reserves for Teachers and Staff (2 hrs)

Enlist support

Looking to boost the health of your staff?

This workshop focuses on simple habit changes and self-care practices that will help your staff reduce their stress levels and build up their energy reserves to be able to manage those stressful periods without depleting their energy reserves.

Movement and goal setting workshop to improve your morning routine and sleep patterns.

Monthly Aroma Yoga Classes (1 hr)

essential oil hand meditation

Pamper yourself and your staff with a yoga class with essential oils to deepen the yoga experience and completely indulge the senses.

Every month is a new theme; balance, connection, alignment, renewing, gratitude, compassion…

Book one class for a special treat or sign up for a monthly class to keep on track with wellness.

Nourish the Teacher - On-Line Program (10 weeks)

Nourish the Teacher Logo

Want to make a real difference in the health of your school?

Reduce sick days and create a culture of wellness in your school with a private Nourish Package for your teachers.

Get your own private group calls, plus in-school sessions for your teachers.

Group Size: 10 teachers or staff members


Single Workshop

1.5 - 2 hours of Training
  • One 1.5 – 2 hour workshop.
  • Applies to Yoga and Mindfulness in the Classroom Workshops or Teacher Wellness Programs.
  • Travel charges may apply for locations outside of Calgary.
Book a Workshop

Half Day Experience

4 hrs of Training
  • Combine any 2 workshops and save with a full morning or afternoon focused on wellness at your school.
  • Favourite combo’s:
  • Building Deep Energy Reserves + 3 Keys for Calm Classrooms
  • Aroma Yoga + Energy Regulation and Transistions
Select your Trainings

Nourish Staff Wellness Program

  • Book a Private Nourish Program for your school and get everyone on board.
  • They say you are the average of the 5 people you hang out with – so up-grade your co-workers and make yourself healthier.
  • This group program is powered by the group. Normally $5,500  – you save $2000 for school staff who want to support each other to go further and get huge results.
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Kids Yoga Teacher Training

Take your teaching and yoga practice to a new depth and inspire your work with kids and youth.

This in-depth teaching experience will give you the tools you need to use yoga daily in your classroom and teach yoga classes for physical education classes.  Be the yoga expert in your school.



Learn the ABC’s of Kids Yoga from the best in the business.

The YogaKids elements of teaching help you create fun kids yoga classes that engage kids of all ages (I even use the elements in my adult classes) and yet still cultivate that sense of quiet self and the ability to tune in to the diamond that is inside each of us.

More information on these YogaKids Training opportunities:

  • 3 hour Introductory Workshop
  • Tools for Schools Playshop
  • Fabulous 3 Day Foundations Weekends
  • Full Certification Programs (Yoga Alliance Certified)

Yogakids Training

Create fun & creative kids yoga classes.

Useful for classsroom teachers, therapists, parents

and yoga teachers.

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