Warrior 1 Pose

First thing in the morning tends to be hectic in our house with getting everybody off to school and work. If I can slip in a couple yoga poses before I wake my girls for breakfast I find I am happier and filled with the energy needed for this weekday jump start.  Here is my current quick morning yoga practice to kick start my day.

Quick Morning Yoga Practice

See it in action:  Morning Video

Prefer the words and pictures? Print this out to place beside your bed – Morning Practice

Forward Hero – helps to ease the transition from bed to movement and give me a chance to check in with how I feel.

Down Dog – move in the pose, stretch your legs, move your head and neck, start to find freedom.

Uttanasna / Rag Doll / Forward Fold – just noticing where you are at first thing – great benchmark for after a few moves to check back in.

Sun Salutations – there are many variations – choose one that suits your energy that morning and do 3 rounds.

Eagle –  brain balance pose to help get the brain connecting, enjoy the stretch across your shoulders then step back into…

Warrior 1 / Crescent Lunge – add some cat / cow back stretches.  Exhale as you sweep your arms down and take your nose towards your knee rounding the spine.  Inhale as you sweep your arms back up and arch your back.  Flow with your breath for several rounds (3 – 5).

Uttanasna / Rag Doll / Forward Fold – check in again before you change sides and repeat Eagle and Warrior 1 on the other side.  After the second side stay here for a breath then slowly rise up to standing.

Namaste – Bringing your hands to your heart to close.  Move through your day happier and with a feeling of lightness and ease.

A morning yoga practice can get your body moving and set the foundation for a smooth and easy day.

How does this routine work for you? Do you have a favorite morning yoga routine? Share in the comments below.