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Tools and Ideas for the Complete Beginner and the School Yoga Guru…

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New to yoga, or have done it for yourself but not with your students this is the place to start.

Invite calm into your classroom with 5 simple tools.

Perfect for:

  • preschool – elementary ages
  • classroom and physical education teachers
  • educational assistants
  • plus great tips for parents!
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Get a full month of yoga and mindfulness lesson plans that you can use all year long.

Make daily mindfulness and movement breaks a healthy habit for you and the kids!

Perfect for:

  • preschool – elementary ages
  • classroom and physical education teachers
  • educational assistants and child focused therapists
  • plus great ideas for parents!
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Workshops and Trainings

Transitions and Energy Regulation

You have big hopes for what you want to teach today… but…

  • your class just won’t settle,
  • they have no energy or brainpower available,
  • your students come to class already stressed out from the bus ride, the fight on the playground or something that happened at home…
  • everyone is in a different place; some are tired, others bouncing off the ceiling.

45 Minute Webinar plus a 20 minute video classplan and follow-up activities to use with your students.

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Yoga for Physical Education

This 1 1/2 hour workshop will give you all the tools you need to start teaching yoga at your school.

  • Learn how to sequence a yoga class for optimal energy flow.
  • Build your repertoire of kids yoga poses.
  • Learn the do’s and don’t of whats acceptable in schools.
  • Game and music ideas that engage your students
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In Person Workshops

Support Healthy Learners and Teachers.

Bring yoga and wellness beyond the gym and into the classroom and staff room where it can really make a difference.

PD Workshops for using yoga in the classroom, and staff wellness.

Staff Wellness and Learning

Yoga in Your School

Bring yoga into your school as a physical education program.

Classes available for preschool through high school.

Choose a weekly, monthly or full year program.

Book a Yoga Residency

Classroom Yoga and Mindfulness Resources

  • Yoga Ideas for the Classroom and Gym
  • Mindfulness Tools
  • Guided Visualizations
  • Reading and Yoga
  • Yoga Games
  • Yoga Music for all ages
  • Lesson Plans
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Classroom Yoga and Mindfulness

The Yoga Association of Alberta invited Flourish Schools to assist with a Grant Project bringing yoga into schools.

This is what the staff and students had to say…

Is it time to try yoga in your school?

21 Days of Feeling Good

Yoga for the classroom tools you will use over and over and over to keep you… feeling good all over!

Say YES! to Feeling Good

Nourish the Teacher

Teacher Wellness Support

Are you too busy taking care of everyone else?

10-Week Self-Care Program - Just for Teachers


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Yoga Workshops for Teachers

Missed Us at Teacher's Convention?

Bring the workshop on-site and inspire your whole staff.

Bring Yoga and Mindfulness into Your School

Calm Classroom Guide

Invite calm into your classroom today with 5 simple classroom tools.

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Nourish Free Video Series

Teachers it's Time to Take Care of YOU!

Want to stop feeling tired, exhausted and overwhelmed?

Watch this Free Video Series to get...

  • Tools to help you get to sleep and stay asleep
  • Energizing Morning Breakfast Ideas
  • Start waking up refreshed for the day
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Yoga Tools for Physical Education

Yoga Tools for Physical Education

Want to teach yoga in your school?

Teaching Kids is one part Science, one part Art and one part Love.  Use this time tested formula for managing the energy in your kids yoga classes.

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