Yoga for Physical Education


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This 1 1/2 hour workshop will give you all the tools you need to start teaching yoga at your school.

  • Learn how to sequence a yoga class for optimal energy flow.
  • Build your repertoire of kids yoga poses.
  • Learn the do’s and don’t of whats acceptable in schools.
  • Game and music ideas that engage your students


Yoga for Physical Education Classes

A Sport that Everyone Can Excel At

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So you’ve been asked to teach yoga for your school – now what?

Recent studies have shown yoga for physical education is a positive factor in school health. Reducing absentee days and test anxiety while providing students with emotional-regulation skills and positive transition strategies. It’s a sport that is inclusive for everyone, there is always a pose you can excel at; from wheel pose to child’s pose.

Practicing yoga helps students develop a better awareness of self. They learn to listen to what’s going on inside; their breath, their emotions; their thoughts. They learn where their body is in space and how to move their body into sometimes complex positions.

In this workshop you will;

  • Build a repertoire of fun yoga poses for kids to keep them engaged and learning. Understand how to sequence a class and what yoga poses are good for warming up, cooling down, better brain function, core strength development and stretching.
  • Learn how to use Yoga as a stand alone class plus tips to end all your phys-ed classes with a few quieting poses so kids can transition back to the classroom smoothly without all the drama.
  • Discuss ways to make yoga fun for all ages. What the young kids respond to  and what teens will enjoy. Using games, props, music and more to engage your students through many learning styles.
  • Talk about the do’s and don’ts of yoga in schools and what hot buttons to stay away from so your students can enjoy all the benefits of yoga without the religious drama.

Packing as much learning and fun into one hour and a half as possible and best of all we’ll end with Siesta Pose to help you integrate it all.

A workbook is provided to use during the workshop to help plan your next class.




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