Transitions and Energy Regulation Workshop


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This 45 min mood management workshop and 20 minute sample class will change the energy of your students. Use these techniques when;

  • The energy is too high to concentrate.
  • Students are in a slump and need a boost.
  • To find that optimal state for effective learning.
  • To calm the stress response and get the brain engaged.


Transitions and Energy Regulation

Mood Management in the Classroom

Scare Crow Twist 2

You have big hopes for what you want to teach today… but…

  • your class just won’t settle,
  • they have no energy or brainpower available,
  • your students come to class already stressed out from the bus ride, the fight on the playground or something that happened at home…
  • everyone is in a different place; some are tired, others bouncing off the ceiling

This workshop focuses on the real beauty of yoga – being able to change our emotional state through movements, breath, and mindfulness. Simple tools for mood management in the classroom.

Understand how to get the brain in an optimal state for learning through simple key movements, breath techniques, and mindful tools.

In this workshop you will;

  • Review what stress does to our brain and behaviour throughout the school day.
  • Experience a class.  Yes – get out your mat and feel this in your body so you can teach it better – and feel better yourself!
  • Learn the 3 step “Recipe for Transitions” and how to encourage your students (and you) to check in, release energy, focus and calm.
  • Build a library of poses in each of the recipe categories to pick and choose what suits you, your students and the environment you are in at the moment (standing, seated, in the gym, outside…)

This is an information packed 45 minute workshop plus a 20 min class you can experience and then teach your students (classplan provided).

Follow up sequences are also included  to make this super easy to implement afterwards to get you started.

Use these tools in the classroom to;

  • start the day,
  • transition after recess or gym class,
  • when the energy starts to slump and you need a boost,
  • before creative projects when you need to get the juices flowing…

Use these mood management tools outside the classroom;

  • when standing in line to prevent fidgeting,
  • in the gym as a warm up or cool down before returning to class,
  • outside on the playground before coming back inside
  • at your afterschool program to help students transition from their busy school day to working together
  • even at home with your own kids!




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