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  • Seeking balance?
  • Need to say NO to the constant busy rush?
  • Does your food nourish YOU?

Or simply¬†bring the spa home and visit it everyday…

Looking after YOU!

Looking after YOU

If Mom’s not happy – Nobody’s happy!

We all know this but why do we always put ourselves last? We run all over the place for the kids and the dog and drop whatever we are doing to meet their needs. I’m totally guilty of this too.¬† But it doesn’t work!

We lead by example. Do you want your kids to be depleted just like you? Or perhaps they already are…

It’s past time to make time for you.

Here are my simple daily go-to’s to put myself first just for a few minutes every day…

Looking after the Family

Looking after the Family

In this world of constant change – what are the little things you can do to take care of those you love?

What do you have control over?

1 – The food they eat in your home. Make sure that good choices happen at home… most of the time!

2 – Provide a loving, safe environment. Choose products that boost your health instead of add to your toxic load.

3 – Find safe, natural solutions to boost your immunity and take care of the sniffles and the anxiety attacks.

4 – Reduce the stress and busy-ness at home so you can enjoy being together and everyone can relax and re-set.


Healthy Eating at Home

Recipes and Resources for Whole Food Choices

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Reduce Your Toxic Load

Reduce Your Toxic Load

Make Your Home a Place Where you Can Breathe Deep

Natural Healing Solutions

Use Essential Oils to boost your immunity, sleep better and heal your belly.

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Yoga Classes for the Whole Family

Classes in NW Calgary for Kids, Teens and Adults

Class Location: Edgemont Community Center

Community yoga classes are less formal than a studio. Be prepared to laugh, meet your neighbour and come away refreshed and renewed for the week.

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Green Smoothies for Kids

Start your day with an energy boost.

Taste tested by Kathryn and Carling.

PS… It took alot of mornings to get these approved….

Try 3 Green Smoothies Kids will Drink