Classroom Yoga Inspiration

Ideas to bring yoga and movement into your classroom


Connect with Each Other

Yoga means unite.  Use partner poses and group poses to connect with each other and the world around us.

Inspire Creativity

Creative juices start to flow when we move and when we rest with a guided visualizations.

Spark the Brain

Brain Balance poses activate both sides of the brain and get the energy flowing to learn.

Creative Group MandalaClassroom Yoga

Warning:  once you start there will be no end…

Classroom yoga creates an optimal place for learning by regulating energy levels and learning with our body for better understanding and retention.

Get your creativity flowing and you will find endless ways to add yoga into your everyday activities, linking movement and learning and continually re-adjusting the energy of your classroom.

Have fun with it and share your ideas to inspire others.

No Talk Kids Yoga Games

Your guide to making teaching kids yoga games super easy and fun! This spring I had one of those – fully enjoying life to the fullest moments and in a split second later everything changes. Without too many details the end result was a broken jaw which is now...

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Earth Day Activities – Yoga Lesson Plan and Game

Earth Day – A Yogi’s favourite holiday and a wonderful theme for a yoga class. Here are my favourite earth day activities for elementary students all put together in a yoga lesson plan you can use this week or really anytime of year when we are celebrating...

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Music for Teen Yoga Classes

Music in my teen classes becomes the most important tool to connect, relax and energize the body. When I first started teaching I would try and form that connection through music that was current and popular, but soon found you simply cannot keep up. What is popular...

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Create a Classroom Yoga Corner

Space to Think… Do you ever just need to get away and remove yourself from a situation to be able to process it and deal with the emotions before you re-engage? Do you need to retreat to a quiet spot when technology and stimulation get to be too much? When we...

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Peace Day Lesson Plan

Peace Day is my favourite yogi holiday.  Our message in yoga classes is peace day everyday but its nice that on this day we really get to shout it from the rooftops. Several years ago I had the pleasure of putting together a peace day event with a couple fellow...

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Top 5 Yoga and Meditation Tools for the Classroom

Equip your classroom with tools to help you keep your sanity and your students engage their thinking brain. Yoga and meditation tools can be a super useful tool in your classroom but only if they are easy and quick to use. Here are my top 5 picks that make...

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Kids Yoga is so much more than Surfer Pose

Last week I had the  pleasure of working in two great schools with over 400 new students. Many of these students have done yoga before but not with a YogaKids trained teacher which is all good …except…. for the lost opportunity of the warriors. They all...

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5 Easy Peace Day Activities for your Classroom

How will your class celebrate peace day this year? Are you all over this? ….or does this make you sweat and regret that you have missed it once again?   Is your peace project finished and posted on-line for everyone to see? …or has the start of the...

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Fun Yoga Sequence For Balance

Starting your day with a few simple yoga poses will help you find the focus and patience to deal more ease-fully and cheerfully with the expectations and requests that come at you during your day, not to mention all the items on your own to-do list. Take a couple...

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6 Yoga Poses for Exams – 3 Minute Exam Prep Routine

Help your students achieve their best during during exam time with this quick yoga break to spark the brain and ease anxiety. Use these 6 yoga poses for exams to help them achieve their best. 6 Yoga Poses for Exams (3 minute exam prep cheatsheet) Ease Anxiety and...

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Classroom Yoga Exercises for Spring

Welcome spring into your classroom Spring is all about movement. We are leaving our sleepy winter state behind, our breath begins to feed us energy, the sap starts to flow, the birds chirp and somewhere, somehow the flowers start to bloom. Have you noticed that you...

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Peace Day Activities for Middle School: Peace Flags

Creating Peace Flag and Poses for Peace The favorite peace day activity for middle school this year was to create Peace Flags and send them off  to another class around the world. Our Peace Flags are set to soar and fly around the world bringing with them thoughts and...

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