Tools for Teachers to Incorporate

Yoga and Mindfulness into the Classroom


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You give to others all the time in your work – to your students, their parents, your colleagues, the school and more.

  • Add yoga into your daily routine to help you and your students feel better all the time.
  • Help your students be in that optimal zone for learning by getting rid of the sillies and settling the chaos.
  • Use mindfulness practices to create space for learning.
  • Make reading fun and more effective by acting out the story.
  • Embrace the holiday energy bursts with yoga and mindfulness activities

Classroom Yoga Inspiration

Ideas to bring yoga into your classroom
Mindfulness and Creativity in the Classroom

Mindfulness and Creativity

Quiet moments to integrate  information, inspire creativity and reset, and recharge.

Reading and Yoga in the Classroom

Reading and Yoga

Make reading fun and memorable by acting out stories with yoga poses.

Integrating Yoga in Schools

Yoga Programs for Schools

Get started on the right foot with a yoga program for your school.

Essential Oils for the Classroom

Essential Oils in the Classroom

Good for a mid afternoon pick me up, keeping the classroom germ-free and boosting immunity and helping to get calm and focused before a test.

holiday yoga ideas

Holiday Yoga Ideas

From Peace Day to Valentines Day add yoga to your celebrations both for fun and to add in a calming moment…

21 Days of Feeling Good

Yoga for the classroom tools you will use over and over and over to keep you… feeling good all over!

Say YES! to Feeling Good

Nourish the Teacher

Teacher Wellness Support

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Yoga Workshops for Teachers

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Bring Yoga and Mindfulness into Your School

Calm Classroom Guide

Invite calm into your classroom today with 5 simple classroom tools.

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Yoga Tools for Physical Education

Yoga Tools for Physical Education

Want to teach yoga in your school?

Teaching Kids is one part Science, one part Art and one part Love.  Use this time tested formula for managing the energy in your kids yoga classes.

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