Protect Yourself Against Seasonal Cold and Flu Bugs

Each time we go through a seasonal change our body needs to shift and change to get rid of the old and prepare for whats ahead.  In spring we naturally think of Spring Cleaning and clearing away the winter heaviness. But the fall season change is just as important. We need to cleanse out the excess heat from summer to prepare for the cooler winter.

In each of these seasons the world around us is full of pollen and environmental threats that can set off signals to our body to produce inflammation. The less stress we have going on internally the better we can adapt to the changing season.

Do you get a fall cold and spring allergies? Or have you noticed everyone around you getting sick as the season changes?

Colds and allergies are your bodies response to getting rid of the junk when we don’t take the time or effort to take out our own trash.

Instead of waiting to get sick take charge now with a few simple seasonal habits to stay healthy.


5 Seasonal Habits to Boost Your Immune System

1. Reduce Your Toxic Load

Where are you being attacked on a daily basis? Where are the bugs finding holes in your defences? What kind of toxins are you exposed to every day?

Often we think of pollution as being something outside that’s beyond our control like the smoke from wildfires during the summer or industrial pollution. We neglect to think about the toxins that we willingly expose ourselves to every day.

Consider the products you use most often and take a peek at their labels. Do they have ingredients you can’t pronounce? Does the ingredient list contain fragrance or perfume? Are they full of harsh chemicals you know you don’t want to eat?

What are the areas in your daily routine where you can influence this?

First step is to check what products you use that contain chemicals and fragrances;

  • Soap and Skin Care Products
  • Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Toothpaste and Mouthwash
  • Laundry Soap
  • Counter Top Cleaner
  • All Purpose Cleaner


These are a few of the big areas that we expose our food and our skin to and can make a big difference in how much work our body needs to do every day to fight off stressors.

Pick one area today and start looking for alternate solutions that are not as harmful.


2. Detox Your Body

You will not always eat perfectly. You will be exposed to things that are not healthy for you. We simply don’t live in a perfect bubble – and that’s ok.

The good news is there are a few little habits we can do each day to promote a daily detox;

  • Start your day with hot water and lemon
  • Scrape your tongue
  • Make sure to move (see tip#4 below)

The daily habits help but when the seasons go through a big shift we need to clean house more thoroughly. A full cleanse can last between one to three weeks depending on how deep you want to go. This helps to get rid the toxins that build in our system and also to shift the body from one season into the next.

The benefit of doing a seasonal cleanse a couple times a year we can stay on top of the accumulated toxins and all our little indulgences and not worry about this on a daily basis.

  • We know we make great choices – most of the time….
  • We also want to enjoy life fully… and occasionally indulge in treats that are purely for joy.  

Instead of worrying about it and adding more stress into your day (another toxin!). Simply make the choice to detox twice a year at the seasonal changes and live your life as vibrantly in between as possible.

Want to be led through the experience?  Join me for this years seasonal cleanse. Flourish Fall Cleanse 2017.


3. Eat for the Season

During the summer holidays and long days of winter we often take on a few “seasonal choices” aka poor choices…

  • A glass of wine in the evening…every evening…
  • Mid afternoon or bedtime snacks
  • Easy comfort food that’s quick to prepare and short on nutrients

When we change seasons its time to shift back into what we know is good for us in the long term. Live vibrant foods, no snacking and less alcohol, sugar and processed foods. The key here is to eat with the seasons. Fall seasonal foods are grounding and rich in nutrients. Spring seasonal foods are fresh, light and cleansing.

Plan out your meals in advance so there is last minute poor choices and see how many different coloured foods you can eat in each meal.  Can you eat a full rainbow every day?

Supplements can make a big difference to your immune system. To make sure you are getting all the nutrients your body needs try taking a supplement for a month and see if it makes a difference in your energy levels and your immune system. I never believed they were important until I went off them when I injured my jaw  – its’s hard to swallow pills when your jaw is wired shut! When I resumed taking them it took only 2 weeks for me to kick my coffee habit and have energy to spare each day.


4. Get Enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep is one of the key contributors to boosting your immune system. The quickest way to get sick is to pull an all-nighter. Think of what happens when your kids go on sleepovers.

Set your alarm 30 minutes before bedtime (which is no later than 10pm btw….) and start to do calming routines to prep your mind and body to sleep.  We’ve talked about this one many times before because its so critical to your health.  Check out these resources for calming routines that will help prep you to sleep when your head hits the pillow.

During the change of seasons use the time you are sleeping to boost your immune system with an immune boosting diffuser blend such as 3 drops OnGuard and 2 drops Frankincense.  If you don’t have a diffuser in your bedroom simple rub a drop of OnGuard or Frankincense essential oil into the bottoms of your feet before bed.

If you have a cold use the Breathe Blend to help clear congestion while you sleep.


5. Move More

Movement is key to staying healthy. Use the change of seasons to kickstart your exercise program and make sure to start each day with movement. It could be a 20 minute run, it might be 2 yoga poses. Start with what’s easiest for you and something you’ll stick with.

Try this quick yoga sequence to start the day.

Want to start doing yoga everyday? Here’s a 10 week series that progresses you through from one pose a day to 30 minutes with lots of variety. At the end of the 10 weeks you’ll feel stronger and more vibrant plus your immune system will be super powered.  What I love about this program and I do it every summer is it takes away the choice that leads us to doing nothing. When we have a plan it’s easy to stick to it everyday.

quick simple morning yoga routine


Need help and advice?   Confused and Overwhelmed about where to start looking for more natural solutions that will boost your immune system instead of add to the stress?

1 – Read your labels, See where your products rank on the EWG Skin Deep Cosmetics Scale.

2 – Check out the natural solutions at doTERRA, they don’t have everything but they do have

3 – Book a one on one consultation and we can work through which areas will make the most impact for you to start with.