The 21 Days Challenge

 This is all about YOU feeling good.

Imagine if you could sneak your yoga practice into your school day. What would that do for you? What would that do for your students?

Can you picture a class where everyone (you included) remembered to breathe.. took time to stretch… enjoyed a minute of silence every day…

This can be your classroom.

What is The 21 Days Challenge?

A series of 21 yoga and mindfulness classroom activities that to get you moving and stretching throughout the day and to make your classroom an effective and fun place to learn.

Plus get the support of a whole group of teachers to help you implement these activities and share many more keys to making your classroom a fun and effective place to learn.

How does the Challenge Work?

Starting on the First Sunday - Everyone will receive a welcome email and the first lesson. All week long you can share how it went and get ideas on how to adapt this to the age group you are working with and how to go deeper with the lesson.

Sunday - Thursday afternoons you will receive one of the classroom lessons.

Friday afternoon is just to check in, compare notes and share ideas.

Every Saturday morning you will receive a new tool or tip for you pamper yourself with over the weekend. Massage tools, meditations and yoga to help you feel fantastic.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to practice yoga to be able to do this?

No - all of the activities come with great photos to illustrate the yoga poses and help you learn the poses along with your students.

2. How much time will this take to implement?

Each activity will take no more than 15 minutes to do with your class and you may need up to 15 minutes to review and prep beforehand.

Each activity is laid out in easy steps with all the photos and links attached that you need.

3. What kind of activities are included?

There are six types of activies included in the program;

  1. Transition Routines: Each week starts out with an energetic series of poses to help your students get the sillies out and be able to focus for the day. We start out simple and then build on these routines as you get more familiar with the poses.
  2. Calming Tools: Each week we introduce a mindfulness activity to help focus the energy of the class.  To end each week is a guided visualization perfect to spark the creative juices of your students and to end the week on a calm and peaceful note.
  3. Creative Visualizations:  In addition to the calming tools to end each week is a guided visualization perfect to spark the creative juices of your students and to end the week on a calm and peaceful note.
  4. Cooperation and Connection: Yoga means unite and getting kids to look each other in the eye and work together is a big part of what yoga is all about. Using yoga games, story telling circles, partner and group poses we get kids to connect and collaborate.
  5. Music and Dancing: Its simply amazing what music can do to affect mood and light up the brain. Within the program we share several ideas to use music for dancing out the sillies, singing fun songs with yoga poses and create a calm and peaceful atmosphere.
  6. Reading and Yoga: Bring books and reading alive by acting out the stories with yoga poses to increase comprehension, retention and simply have fun.  Several book ideas are presented for all ages.

4. How will this help me to feel better?

Movement and mindfulness are two of the biggest factors for helping us feel great.  

Often we may not have time to add these into our daily morning or evening routines so sneaking in a few minutes throughout the day will help to keep you active and give your mind that break it needs so you can think clearly and have a more positive approach to your day.

5. What if I don't use facebook?

Facebook is used to connect as a group.  I know its kind of a double edged sword and some love it while others will have nothing to do with it. It is very simple and effective though for us to connect and share ideas, photos and links to other great resources.

Without facebook you will still recieve the emails and are able to email me directly for ideas and support.

6. What happens after the Challenge?

Your membership in the group lasts forever so each time a new group goes through you will get inspired with new ideas and resources to use yoga and mindfulness in your class. 

The connections you make during the challenge will last forever too so you can continue to share ideas and experiences with all the great things you do in the classroom.

7. What does it cost?

The 21 Days Challenge is not free.  If it was you would not do the activities.  We need you to commit to participate to make this worthwhile. 

That said - the price is minimal - we want these tools to be available for everyone. 

  • Less than Starbucks... For only $2 / day you get a full lesson plan each day, PLUS group support and wellness to support you as a teacher on the weekends.
  • US Customers get a sweet deal:  All prices are in Canadian Dollars so right now - thats a sweet bonus for our US friends.  
  • Still can't make the payment? Email me directly and sign up as a team that will hold each other accountable.  All teaching teams of 3 or more can join for free when you agree to support each other and the group to stay on track. (

8. Is this really useful? Here's what the tribe has to say...

I really like how there were pictures of the move added to the lessons- that is super helpful. There is some GREAT stuff here; nice work! Thanks for sharing these great tools :) - Kate,  Mental Health Capacity Building Success Coach.

Loved the activities that you can do with the kids right at thier desk, we don't have alot of room in our classroom so these were super helpful.  Murray - Grade 3 Teacher

It was a toss-up for me between loving the quiet, reflective activities to begin and start our day and having fun with the Row Your Boat on Yoga!  Holly - Kindergarten Teacher

The 60 sec desk break was the most helpful for me with my class this year - a quick and effective way for us to re-focus - thanks!  Sherry - Grade 1 teacher

Our new way to start the Day is from Day 6 - Feeling Good to Start - it helps set the tone and get the gets focusing first thing in the morning.  My students also loved the yoga drama story and the creative visualizations.  Tammy - Grade 3/4 Teacher