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Yoga Sequence For Strength

March 08, 20233 min read

Week 5 – Yoga Sequence for Strength, Discipline and Tapas

The yoga principal of Tapas focuses on strength and discipline but always keeping these in balance with ease. Extending and pushing ourselves to grow stronger but still maintaining an ease in each pose. This yoga sequence for strength challenges our core and our discipline to keep at it and rewards us with a deep hip stretch and relaxation at the end. In fact notice how much sweeter relaxation feels after you’ve worked hard.

As you build strength you will start to also notice a feeling of empowerment. Being able to speak up for yourself and carry yourself with pride and accomplishment.

Last week had almost a pause where we slowed the practice down and practiced staying present and noticing how we felt in the poses. This week we are ramping up the intensity with the goal to improve our core strength and balance stabilizer muscles, those ones that keep us from falling over when we are on one foot!

The Poses This Week

Start off relaxed again this week with legs up the wall but take an active intention to it. Really enjoy that stretch through the back of the legs. Remember to keep your hips on the ground and your legs straight – no cheating! It’s ok to move away from the wall to the point where your legs are straight and you just start to feel the stretch.

The Down Dog – Lunge – Pigeon warm-up is one of my favourite little sequences I learned from a teacher many moons ago to warm up the hip area so you can go deeper in your poses today.

Now that you are used to them add on two more Sun Salutations with your standing poses linked into the last two repetitions. This helps to build arm and shoulder strength and challenge your balance muscles even further.

For your backbends remember to do two things;

• 1 – Engage the Core. Think of your belly button slightly lifting off the floor. I love the visual of not squishing the grape under the belly button.
• 2 – Roll the Shoulders Back – Don’t let the top of your shoulder bones slide forward, draw the shoulder blades together behind you as you lift up.

Don’t skip the core strengthening twist at the end of the series. Even if you feel tired just make it gentle and restorative. It’s important to stretch out those muscles after working them hard.

Tip to hold poses longer with ease

Ring a chime to use as a focal point for staying in the pose longer or set a timer on your phone for 30 sec – 1 min. Works great to challenge your family members or friends.

Oils for Athletes

post workout massage

Muscles Feeling a Little Stiff? Need a little boost to get you motivated and moving today?

Check out these tips and ideas for which essential oils can help improve your yoga practice and all the active things you love to do: 39 Essential Oils to Improve Your Workouts

Notice how far you have come in your practice as you add on poses and increase how long you hold them.

Get Started Now…

Print out your Yoga Sequence for Strength and feel strong, capable and balanced.

Krista Strayer

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