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Yoga Poses for Travelling

March 08, 20232 min read

Week #6 – Yoga Poses For Travelling

Travelling seems to always involves sitting. Whether its in a car, plane or even riding a bicycle our hips get stiff from sitting. The shoulders and upper back also get stiff from being rounded over. Even if you are not travelling this series is a great one for opening up the hips and shoulder area which get tight from computer use too.

Next time you travel make sure to pack this series along to ease the strain of sitting too long!

This Week’s Poses

Spain lunge pose

This series is specially designed for travellers. With movement and twists to get the kinks out, a nice camel stretch to release tension for drivers (or back seat gamers), and some hip release needed after sitting for long stretches.

During the warm up lunge series go slow and let your body relax to release any tightness in the hips and take a gentle twist to start releasing the spine. At this point you are not warmed up yet so take it easy and gentle. Notice what feels more stiff and sore than usual.

As you flow through your Sun Salutations just notice are they getting easier? Does it feel good to hold the poses a little longer?

During your standing poses; Warrior 2, Side Angle Pose and Triangle Pose focus on opening the stiff areas in the low back and legs. Plus enjoy the stretch through the side of the body thats been cramped up too long.

In Camel Pose tuck the chin before releasing the head back. If there is any history of neck injury just take it easy and keep the chin tucked. Focus on the stretch though the back and the front of the legs.

Bridge Pose is another pose that opens the area around the heart and lungs and helps to re-set your internal clock when travelling across time zones.

Go a little deeper in your legs up the wall stretch by placing a block or cushion under the tailbone. The extra height helps your lymphatic fluid flow back towards the heart.

Get Started Now…

Print out your Yoga Pose Guide for Yoga Poses for Travelling.

Enjoy the movement and release this week then tuck it away and pull it out every time you travel.

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