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Kickstart Your Day with this Quick Simple Morning Yoga Routine

June 22, 20143 min read

I am not a morning person. There I’ve admitted it.

Getting up early does not come naturally for me. I love hanging onto the covers and easing into the day. But… when I do indulge in a lazy morning I find this sets the tone for my whole day and nothing really gets done. I go through the day feeling frazzled and behind.

The Ayurvedic tradition (the ancient Indian system of wellness) recommends that you wake before the dawn to have the most energy for your day. Use this quick simple morning yoga routine to get the body moving and make the most of your day.

The time just before dawn provides precious moments to sit quietly, contemplate, and enjoy the peace surrounding you. After dawn breaks though its time to get moving:

Awake your internal body by drinking a couple glasses of water.
Kickstart your energy for the day with an energizing quick simple morning yoga practice.

Start the Day with Movement

Moving in the morning is critical for me. A few minutes of sun salutations and yoga or a quick jog is equal to several cups of coffee and won’t make me crash in the afternoon. Which is extra helpful when I’m trying to avoid that cookie belly…

I have tried many other great healthy habits to start my day. The reality is if I just get out from under the covers and exercise first thing then everything else naturally happens without me even needing to think about it. Which is the whole goal of habit change.

Set yourself up for success.

The night before set your intention for getting up and moving. Visualize it, set out your yoga mat, let your brain have time to get used to the idea. This way when you open your eyes it will seem like the most easy, natural thing to do.

This quick simple morning yoga routine today is my quick fix. When I don’t have a lot of time but know I still need movement to make sure my busy day will stay productive. Try it out and see how it works for you.

Make is Easy to Say Yes

Print out this handy pose guide to keep right beside your yoga mat so its super easy to make this happen. If you find even 5 minutes is a stretch (pardon the pun) as you get started just pick one pose from the guide and start with that. Within a few days you’ll be ready for more.


If you need a visual to help you get started follow along with the Video:

Enlist Support

Share this routine with your family to get everyone moving, happy and ready for the days adventures. Connect with a friend and challenge each other to this quick simple 15 minute routine 5 times in a week. The first one to get there gets breakfast.

Share in the comments below how easy it was to start with one pose – or if you were brave enough to try the full 15 minutes. I’d love to hear what worked best for you today.

Krista Strayer

Want more tips and strategies for getting moving in the morning and setting up your day for success? Set up a complimentary personal wellness consultation and we’ll go through this together and craft your plan to make your days smoother and easy. I’m excited to get started – are you?

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Krista Strayer

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