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Fun Yoga Sequence For Balance

Fun Yoga Sequence For Balance

June 29, 20142 min read

Starting your day with a few simple yoga poses will help you find the focus and patience to deal more ease-fully and cheerfully with the expectations and requests that come at you during your day, not to mention all the items on your own to-do list.

Take a couple minutes in the morning focusing just on you and doing something for yourself will help you;

handle any crisis that pops up,
find the mental clarity to find the easiest solutions,
be strong as you serve others.

Yoga Sequence for Balance

Use this fun yoga sequence for balance for your mental state and to strengthen your core muscles. When our core is strong we can be nimble and quick on your feet.

This is a nice easy, yoga sequence for balance that is great for keeping in shape over the summer months.

No previous yoga experience necessary, but experienced yogis can add challenge by holding some of the poses for longer or choosing to do all the balance and backbend pose options.

Dancer Pose double yoga

Practice on your own to find your internal focus or enjoy the experience with your family or friends to share the benefits all around. When practicing this flow with others challenge each other to hold the poses longer each day.

Our goal through the series is to gradually gain strength, stamina and flexibility – keep it up!

Beginner Yoga for Balance Flow

Evening Yoga Practice

Balance Out Your Yoga

Yoga is not just for the morning. An evening practice may serve you just as well to help work out the kinks and relax the mind and body before sleep. This week I invite you to explore what time of day works best for you to practice – or perhaps you want to add it in at both ends of the day.

You can try the balance series in the evening and see how that works or I invite you try this Evening Yoga Pose Series for a peaceful, gentle way to end the day and get a restful nights sleep.

You may even find that some days you need to start with a gentle practice – explore and be open to that too.

How are you progressing with your yoga home practice?

This balance yoga flow is part of a series of yoga sequences designed to grow your home yoga and mindfulness practice.

You can access the full series along with videos of each flow and printable guides in the Easy Peasy Morning Yoga Program.

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