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Easy Morning Yoga Routine

September 03, 20233 min read

Moving first thing in the morning is one of the keys to a successful day. Getting the blood and lymph flowing and simply stretching with easy morning yoga routines helps to transition our body from that long restful sleep to a day of action. This is one of the most important habits or keystone habits in our nourish course for building up our deep energy reserves.

However, if you are not familiar to yoga it can be a bit daunting to jump in and know where to start. These 3 super simple easy morning yoga routines are part of a series to help start your day with ease and grace.

Modern habit change philosophy says start small – even one simple pose is enough to get the momentum started for a great day.

Even if you are an experienced yogi, use these poses to kickstart you back into a consistent daily home yoga practice.

2 Easy Standing Yoga Poses

#1 Tree Pose

My top pick for a yoga pose would be tree pose since it has so many benefits for a better focused day. Plus its easy to do first thing when you hop out of bed, while you wait for the kettle to boil, or even while you brush your teeth. The idea is to make it so simple you can’t say no.

Check out this tree pose for beginners video for the tree pose steps.

Use tree pose to start your day grounded.

#2 Eagle Pose

Once tree pose is a part of your regular morning routine then you will naturally want to add on more – so add in eagle – check out the simple instructions in the how to do eagle pose video below.

Eagle is my favourite single pose to do when I need to reign my thoughts in. Ever have those days when there is so much to do you don’t know where to start? Eagle pose is your key to pulling that energy inward so you can get started on your list of to-do’s.

Eagle pose to pull in your energy.

Easy Morning Yoga Routine

After you mastered adding in one or two poses (eagle and tree together are a great match)- try a full routine. Simple, easy morning yoga routines can make a real difference in how you set up your day.

Try the series below, 6 minutes of yoga, breathing and stretches to get your body loosened up for a great day.

Home Yoga Practice Program

Want to make this a consistent daily practice. Check out the Easy Peasy Morning Yoga program to make yoga part of your morning, every day!

There are simple yoga pose pdfs and videos to follow, with a variety of easy morning yoga routines to start your day on a positive note.

Enjoy and Namaste!

Share in the comments below what yoga poses are your go-to quick stretches for the morning…

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