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9 Best Yoga Poses for Gardeners

9 Best Yoga Poses for Gardeners

May 06, 20173 min read

Digging in the dirt and puttering in the garden are good for the soul but hard on the back! Next time you head out to the garden take along these 9 best yoga poses for gardeners to release the strain of low back pain from gardening.

These poses are great to do before you start digging and raking, after you finish, and even while you work. Every 10-20 minutes stop, drink some water and choose one or two poses to stretch out the spine to keep you from experiencing back pain after gardening.

9 Best Yoga Poses for Gardeners

1. Garland Pose (Malasana)

This pose relieves low back tension and keeps your hips mobile.

Squat down keeping your spine long and heart lifted. Rest your elbows on your knees and take your hands into Namaste. Your heels may be on the ground or lifted depending on your flexibility. Remember this position as you work in the dirt to keep from rounding your spine.


2. Standing Forward Fold Pose with Shoulder Stretch (Uttanasana)

This is a great release for the back, shoulders and your hamstrings.

Plant your feet firmly. Clasp your hands together and raise over your head as you fold forward.

Uttanasana Shoulder Stretch

3. Half Forward Fold (Ardha Uttanasna)

Similar to the pose above but stretching different shoulder muscles, releasing the tension in the back. Feels great after digging in the dirt and raking!

Plant your hands roughly hip height or higher on whatever you have close by, rake handle, fence, tree, etc… Step back and fold forward stretching through the spine. Keep your head in line with your arms to avoid straining the neck muscles.


4. Camel Pose (Ustrasana)

Releases tension in the back from rounding over as you work. Takes the spine back to a neutral position.

Support your hands on your hips and roll the shoulders open. Breathe In lengthening the spine, and breathe out as you arch back. If your neck is healthy you can tuck your chin and look to the sky otherwise keep your chin tucked.


5. Side Angle Pose (Pasvakonasana)

Great stretch for the legs, hips and side body.

Step your legs wide apart. Turn the front foot forward, back foot stays crossways. Bend the front knee. Take your arms out long and reach and extend over the front knee stretching along the side of your body. Rest your front elbow on the knee and take the back hand alongside your head. Stretch from your back foot through to your front fingertips.


6. Shoulder Stretch

Great stretch for the shoulder, wrist, and forearm.

Place hand on a tree trunk, wall, fence or sturdy support at shoulder height or lower. Turn your fingertips back and slowly turn your body away from your hand.

shoulder stretch

7. Standing Twist

Great release for back muscles and shoulders.

Hold your rake or shovel handle across the shoulders or hips (depending on your shoulder flexibility). Plant your feet firmly and keep your hips facing forward as you turn your shoulders to one side and then the other.

standing twist

8. Side Stretch

Releases tension in the hips and side of the body.

Plant your feet, extend your arms up overhead and lean to one side enjoying the stretch along the opposite side of the body.

Side stretch

9. Tree Pose

Pair up with your favourite tree.

This pose is great for focus and concentration, balance and a hip opener. It doesn’t relieve my sore back but it’s so much fun to do while outside amongst the trees!

Tree pose

What’s your Favourite Gardening Yoga Pose?

Share your favourite yoga for gardening pose below that help keep your back, hips and shoulders feeling good while you dig in the dirt.

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