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Yoga for St Patricks Day: Enjoy this Simple Mindful Blessing

March 14, 20182 min read

In honour of St. Patrick’s Day I created this simple yoga for St. Patrick’s Day mindful blessing. Enjoy this gentle flow to keep you feeling limber like a leprechaun!

Use this warm-up routine in the morning before bed or at any transition time throughout the day. This routine works well all ages from preschool through adult and helps to align us with the intention of finding joy in each of the small moments of the day.

Make sure to print out the sequence below to see the pose pictures beside each stanza so you can play along as you say the poem.

Pot of gold

Tips for Sharing with Kids

Use this instead of a sun salutation for a gentle warm-up.

Work in the blessing with a discussion on St Patrick’s Day and what really is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? 

After a rain shower, the sun shines brighter and we are filled with optimism and renewal.

In these early days of spring can you find the pot of gold in each and every day?

• Is it the beauty of the sunrise as you drive to work or school?

• Does it lie in the gentle smile of a friend?

• Or the warm greeting from someone you don’t even know?

What can you do to create a pot of gold for someone else today?

Yoga for St. Patrick’s Day
Simple Irish Blessing

May you be blest with the strength of Heaven (Reach for the Sun)
The light of the sun (Star Pose)
And the radiance of the moon (Crescent Moon or Half Moon Pose)
The splendor of fire (Breath of Fire)
The speed of lightning (Lightning Pose)
The swiftness of wind (Wind Chimes)
The depth of the sea (Dive down to Ragdoll Pose)
The stability of earth (Squat and Breathe)
and the firmness of rock (Stand tall In Mountain)

(Repeat the sequence 2-3x)


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Krista Strayer

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