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Valentine's Day Yoga Game

February 06, 20141 min read

“V” for Valentines Day

A Valentines Day Yoga Game to get kids moving and re-enforce all things “V”.

This activity works so well since kids love being able to choose and direct the action. They will play along and do the poses with even more enthusiasm.

Great for all ages from preschool through Grade 6.

How to get started:
Print out pictures representing yoga poses that start with “V”.
In the examples below we also used other languages to broaden the choices.
Paste your V pictures on red cut-out hearts.
Write the “V” name and the pose names on red cut-out hearts.

How to Play:
I like to keep my hearts in a big pink cut out heart pocket to keep the hearts secret until they are chosen. Take turns having your students pick a heart then teach the class their pose.

Valentine's Day Yoga Poses that start with “V”...

Volcano – explode making a heart with your hands in the YogaKids Volcano Pose
Viper – Snake pose
Vaca – Spanish for Cow, Cow Pose or Moo Pose
Vessel – Boat Pose
V – peace fingers, Peace Breath
Victory Breath (Take 5 Breath)
Vulture (Eagle Pose)
Vira or Virabhadrasana – Sanskrit for Warrior and Warrior Pose (Warrior 1 , 2 and 3)
Violet (Flower Pose)
Venus, Goddess of Love (Dancer Pose or Swan Pose)

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Krista Strayer

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