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Kids Partner Yoga Poses for Valentine’s Day

Kids Partner Yoga Poses for Valentine’s Day

February 24, 20172 min read

Valentine’s Day is all about connecting. Remembering that there are others out there that love and admire us for who we are.

On this day that the kids are a little hyped-up… get them connecting and celebrating each other with these kids partner yoga poses for Valentine’s Day.

Enjoy these and use them as your secret weapon when the sugar energy needs a new outlet 🙂

7 Kids Partner Yoga Poses for Valentine’s Day

Back to Back Standing

Standing Partner Stretch

Create a heart between you as you lean out, trust and stretch through the shoulders.

Start by standing about 1 foot apart, hold hands and slowly lean away from each other keeping the hips moving forward and balancing each other’s weight.

Lizard on a Rock Pose

Lizard on a Rock

Open your heart as you release the your partner’s back. With one partner in child’s pose, the other partner sits low on the tailbone and slowly leans back.

Size does not matter – it feels good for both partners!

Dancer Pose double

Partner Dancer Pose

Heart opening balance pose made easier with a friend.

Start facing each other a few feet away. Hold onto one foot with your opposite hand lifted to the sky. Slowly lean forward to go deeper into the stretch and connect with your partner. Make eye contact and tell them what you admire them for.

warrior stretch

Warrior 2 Stretch

Helping each other go deeper into a stretch take your Warrior 2 pose with back feet connecting and a deep lunge in the front leg. Connect with your back hands and gently pull.

Switch legs, bending the opposite leg so you are connecting with the front hand and again gently pull to feel a gentle stretch.

Warrior 2 Partner Stretch

Wisdom Warrior

Reaching back to connect with a heart.

Start in Warrior 2 facing away from each other but connecting with the back foot. Take the back hand down along your leg and the forward hand stretches back to connect with your partner.

double camel heart

Double Camel Heart

Support the back with your hands on your tailbone. Take a deep breath in, lift through the heart as you carefully arch backward to connect with your friend.

Double-Candle yoga pose

Double Candle Yoga Pose (only for experienced kids yogis)

This one is tricky to get into without taking your legs over into plough first – so only attempt this one with students who have good body control and awareness.

Lie on back with heads close to touching. Take legs slowly up to candle position, support your back with your hands.

Have fun with these and see what other heart shapes you can create together!

Valentines Day Yoga Game

For more Valentine's Day Yoga Activities - check out the Valentine's Day Yoga Game.

Share in the comments below which poses your students (and you!) liked the best. How did you use these poses with kids and students today?

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