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Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother Too – Reading and Yoga Activity

May 03, 20163 min read

This is a perfect book to connect and move with your little one.  Filled with  yoga poses, word repetition and bright pictures to stimulate the senses.

For teachers adding yoga while you read this book gives your students time to take in the story and helps bring it to life. This Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother Too activity is a great way to incorporate movement in your classroom and a great book to share around Mother’s Day.

Here’s what I would do to make this book shine.

Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother Too – Reading and Yoga Activity

Purpose:      Increase reading comprehension and enjoyment. Great book for Mother’s Day.
Where:         In your classroom, gymnasium or any open area.
How Long:  10 minutes to read book and act out yoga poses.
Grades:       Grades K – 2
Materials:    Book: Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother, Too? by Eric Carle
Prep:            None

Read the opening text on each page.

Do the yoga pose for the animal and pause here to let it sink in.

While you are in the pose share one of the following;

The names of the animal babies, parents and groups as found in the back of the book.
Fun facts about the animals.
Or simply imagine what it would be like to be that baby animal and mother animal.

After pausing and discussing the animal read the lead in statement for the next page.

The fun animals from this story include;

Page 1: Kangaroo – do Kangaroo Hops. Elbows and wrists bent and hugged in to your chest like the forearms of a Kangaroo, hop and rub your belly where your joey would hang out.

Lion Pose - Kids Yoga Pose

Page 2: Lion Pose – Caution Students to make sure to take their tongue as far out of their mouths as possible (to get the pose benefits and to make the roars much quieter!). Classic yoga pose for sore throats and bad breath, make sure your tongue comes as far out of mouth as possible (for benefits and quieter roars…).

Page 3: Giraffe Pose - Known as Side Angle Pose in adult yoga. Munch on the leaves on the top branches and make sure to do both sides and reach the trees behind you.

Page 4:  Waddle like a Penguin - Waddle like a penguin with heels together.

Page 5:  Swan Pose - Variation on Upward Dog with knees bent and toes pointed to ceiling. Glide through the water gracefully like a swan.

Page 6: Fox pose is simply Table Top with one leg extended for your bushy tail.

Page 7: Dolphin Pose – Downward Dog with elbows on the ground. For older kids add in the core strengthening dolphin dives as you bring your nose toward the floor

Polar Bear Pose

Page 8: Bear – Could either take big lumbering steps in Down Dog or Polar Bear Pose

Page 9: Elephant PoseStomp around with big feet (very grounding for adults too!). Make an Elephant Trunk with your hands and fold forward into Ragdoll Pose.

Page 10: Monkey PoseYogaKids Bug Picking Chimp pose or just swing your arms and make monkey sounds. Add in the hee hee hee hoo hoo hoo sounds

Back Cover: Deer pose – for younger students sit cross legged and twist making deer antlers, older students can do the more complicated leg variation as in the photo.

When you repeat this story on another day your students can use their elephant memories to remember what the animal poses are and challenge them to do the pose when you read the lead in statement.

Use this printable pdf lesson plan to make this super simple and easy in the classroom or at home!


If you liked this activity try this Mother’s Day Yoga Poem as well.

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