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5 Easy Peace Day Activities for your Classroom

September 19, 20143 min read

How will your class celebrate peace day this year?

Are you all over this?

….or does this make you sweat and regret that you have missed it once again?

Is your peace project finished and posted on-line for everyone to see?

…or has the start of the new school year kept you running with no energy leftover for special days?

If you are ready to share then let us in! Share your ideas and make a greater impact.

Do this here: flourish yoga facebook share.

If you have not even given it a thought…. don’t despair you are not alone.

September can be an awkward month to have this special day with classes just starting up again. And yet Peace Day is my favourite yogi holiday (along with Earth Day of Course!)

With classes are just starting to get to know each other… there is so much to cover in the first weeks… so adding in a special peace day activity is hard to fit in.

But it’s such an important day.

So… here we go…

My strategy to Celebrate Peace Day:

STEP 1: Declare September as Peace Month so you have an extra week to emphasis this special yoga message and have fun exploring peace day activities.

STEP 2: Keep it simple. You don’t have to create a dove the size of a truck. There is nothing peaceful about complex art.

STEP 3: It's the intention not the perfect outcome, focus on the experience.

STEP 4: Remember its the message that counts not the originality – so feel free to use one of these quick and easy ideas below.

5 Easy Activities to Celebrate Peace Day in your Classroom

Pinwheels for Peace

Pinwheels for Peace

Fun, easy to make. Incorporates motor skill and planning along with writing.

Write messages for peace on your wheels and then as the wind catches them they will be carried out into the world… “whirled peace”.

This was a success for ages 5 – 12.

Peace flags

Peace Flags

Act out yoga poses that represent the symbols of peace and then decorate fabric squares and link together. The poses and instructions are all included in the post: Peace Flags

Create a set for your classroom and if you are really ambitious send a set across the world to a sister classroom.

This one works for all ages preschool through adult.

Peace poem

Peace Poem

Have a class that loves technology?

I found this simple poem builder on-line at Read-Write-Think for acrostic and diamante poems. Create a poem with a peace related theme and save it.

Then upload a photo on Canva to re-size and add the text for your poem.

Total project time 30 min. Recommended for Grade 4 – 8.

Make a peace tree

Make a Peace Tree

Find a branch that’s been broken off a tree.

Create peace symbol decorations and attach them to the tree.

The official date for the Peace Tree Day is June 1st – so there is no rush on this one.

Start it now with the peace day symbols and keep adding symbols for each holiday that comes along for a final unveiling in June.

Doodle dove peace

Peace Doodles

Here is a new one for me that we will be doing on Monday.

Our art format this session is doodling… so to honour peace day we will take our doodles inside the peace sign or the dove (always good to have choices).

Set a timer for 5 minutes of silence while we doodle things that make us feel peaceful inside.

Download the templates:

Dove Peace Doodle

Peace Sign Doodle

For even more inspiration…

Check out this blog from the archives on more peace day activities for the classroom or home: Are you passionate for peace?

Now it’s your turn…

Share and comment below on your favourite Peace Day activities to get kids to celebrate and think about peace.

Peace Day
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