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Meditation to Spring Clean the Mind

Meditation to Spring Clean the Mind

April 11, 20163 min read

Spring: Time to clear away the clutter… inside and out.

Spring cleaning brings to mind mops and brooms inside the house and rakes and clippers outside. Although the most important area for us to clean is deep within us. Spring cleaning not only our bodies, but our minds.

The clutter within us weighs us down and holds us back.

Clutter is not just physical stuff

Mental clutter can have many forms:

Patterns we repeat over and over.
Thoughts that get stuck in our mind like a broken record.
Past truths that are no longer valid.
Beliefs that we are unworthy.

All of these thoughts are merely perceptions. Ideas and beliefs that may have served us well in the past but no longer fit and don’t help us grow and evolve.

These untrue perceptions get clouded over with time and are particularly dangerous to our self-esteem.

“Taking the time to clear out the old thoughts and ideas from our mind is an essential ingredient to keeping our head on straight and focused on things that are new, fresh, inspiring, and purposeful.” Tris Thorp

Releasing the clutter of the past helps us clearly see the future and gives us space to grow and flourish. Just like raking away the old leaves gives space for a new season of beauty to shine.

Meditation is that mindful practice that helps us clear away the clutter in the mind. The practice of meditation itself helps to sort the millions of sensory experiences we take in each day but today take this one step further and intentionally let go of those old thoughts and patterns that are clouding our perceptions.

Listen to this spring cleaning meditation and clear away your clutter.

Meditation to Spring Clean the Mind


To start the meditation sit up tall and check in with your body. Notice where you are holding tension and let that go as you breathe out.

Ask your mind: “What thoughts and beliefs no longer fit, what am I ready to let go of?

Acknowledge the purpose that this belief or thought may have given you in the past, recognize that it no longer fits and then release it.

As you let it go imagine you are clearing it away with a broom, a rake or a breath of fresh air.

Imagine you are peeling away the dead leaves and stems to reveal something beautiful underneath.

See the beauty in the new growth that now has room to grow unencumbered.

Imagine what is now possible without this belief.

You may choose to repeat this and ask yourself again what is no longer serving you.

When you feel that you have released what you need for today take a deep breath out releasing any last ties to these past thoughts and beliefs.

To finish off check in with your body, sit up tall. Notice if you feel lighter, taller – can you breathe easier?

Slowly open your eyes with the vow to continue to release these thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve you, so that you are free to grow, evolve and truly shine.

overcoming fear

This cleansing meditation is particularly helpful in spring when the world is renewing but can also be helpful whenever we feel held back and are wanting to step into a new phase of growth.

Share in the comments below what you were able to let go of this week.

Krista Strayer

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