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Essential Oil Meditations

Heart Opening Meditation for Connection

Heart Opening Meditation for Connection

February 17, 20183 min read

Meditation is a time for connecting.

Connect to your deep wisdom within and connect to those around you.

This meditation practice helps you;

When you feel alone and need some support.
Feel more connected to your partner.
Navigate the turbulent waters of being a parent.

This works even better if you have do a few heart opening movements beforehand to physically open up the area around the heart. If you have time here’s a suggestion for a 20 minute yoga practice beforehand; Yoga Sequence to Open the Heart

As you get settled for meditation:

roll your shoulders back a few times,
clasp your hands behind your back
raise and open your hands out to the sides in cowboy surrender

Then rest your hands on your thighs, palms facing up to keep the open feeling in the chest and shoulders, sit up tall and softly close your eyes.

Heart Opening Meditation

To begin feel into your heart center.  Notice your breath going quietly in and out and imagine you can breathe in right from this place.

candle light

Imagine a small light inside your heart.

With each breath allow the light to grow brighter until first your whole body is bathed in this light and then with a few more breaths there is room for another to be there beside you.

Invite your special someone inside the circle with you. It can be your love, a friend or just someone who you know needs love today.

Feel the warmth of your love nourishing both of you.

Imagine just sitting quietly beside each other basking in the glow of your heart light.


Breathe in deeply.


Allow your love to nourish you both deeply and completely.

When you have received your fill. Imagine saying Namaste to your special someone and know that the light in you truly sees the light in the other.

Gradually open your eyes feeling peaceful, refreshed and full of love.

Notice the deeper connection you have to another person and how you feel more grounded and secure in yourself.


Want to listen and follow along – here is a youtube guided meditation video to enjoy.

I would love to hear what you do to stay connected to those you care about. Share below how you keep your heart open.

Take your Meditation to a Deeper Level with Essential Oils

Essential Oils to deepen your feeling of connection:

Essential Oils for Connection Meditation

Cedarwood – Oil of Community – helps you tap into the supportive power of the community
Geranium – Oil of Love and Trust – heals the heart and fosters trust to support unconditional love.
Marjoram – Oil Of Connection – assists with trusting others to form meaningful relationships
Serenity Blend – Oil of Tranquility – calms our fears and worries to connect deeper with our true self

How to use the oils during meditation:

Before starting your meditation place a drop of oil in the palm of your hands and take a moment to breathe in deeply. You may also rub your hands on your heart center to allow the oils to work directly on this space during this meditation.

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