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Guided Meditation To Let Go

Guided Meditation To Let Go

March 10, 20215 min read

There are certain times in our life when it’s time to move on. When we get fed up with the status quo and want something more. I started using this guided meditation to let go at the start of the New Year when dreams and visions of what could be possible were flooding my consciousness but I was not sure where to start.

Use this meditation in the spring to get rid of winter heaviness, in the fall to help you re-align your schedule and commitments, when you feel over-whelmed and over-scheduled, and use this when you are ready to start on a new path,

Do you feel?

• Stuck and frustrated?
• Heavy and lethargic?
• Excited but reluctant to start a new challenge or project?
• Ready to step up and be more?

Gift yourself 15 minutes to let go of all that is no longer serving you.

What do you need to let go of?

Letting go is an essential part of moving forward. When we are start something new we are excited to get going and do something but our ability to move forward is hindered by the ties we have to the past. What is holding you back right now?

Cluttered house

Physical items that are in your space?

Is there clutter around you or items from your past that are hidden in cupboards that are unconsciously holding you hostage? Just like we clear out the old toys at Christmas and Birthday to make new for new treasures these past files and mementos might be preventing you from allowing new treasures into your life.

Outdated beliefs?

A brule according to Vishen Lakhiai in his book The Code of the Extraordinary Mind is a bullsh*t rule that we believe is true but no longer is. We find these rules and patterns from our past, how we are raised, in our culture. They likely served a purpose in the past but we continue to hold onto them when they no longer do.

Habits or Patterns?

Most of what we do each day is an unconscious habit. We do what we always do. Breaking these habits and replacing them with the actions we know are healthier for us and will make us more productive and less stressed is not as easy as just letting go but we have to start somewhere and this is it.

Guided Meditation to Let Go

Find a comfortable seated position. For this one we want to be able to completely relax but still stay upright so standing or lying down are not optimal for this meditation experience.

Start the recording or read along, taking time to pause, think and reflect as you need.

Meditation techniques

Meditation Script to Guide Yourself

The meditation begins with simply being aware of your body and the tension you may be holding onto physically. Be aware of your straight spine and your deep inner strength that holds you upright.

Let your mind travel up your body from your feet toward your head. Pausing to let go of tension where you feel it and especially in the areas of your hips, belly, heart, throat, shoulders and forehead.

When you have let go of this physical tension in your skeleton and muscles. Notice that inner rod of strength that holds you upright as your body is relaxed and at ease.

From this state of ease ask yourself the question “What can I let go of right now?” Pause and listen to what comes up without judgement.

Ask again “what do I need to let go of in this moment?”

Go further by asking “and what else?”

Listen and feel the clues your body gives you;

• Feel into an area of old injury – are you willing to let go of protecting this area?
• Notice your belly – are you willing to let go of eating habits and patterns that are not serving you?
• In the heart are – are you willing to let go of past hurts done to you or by you?
• Connect with the area around your throat – are you willing to let go of the restrictions and beliefs that are holding you back from sharing your message?


Everything that you let go of served you in the past. Collectively gather them in your hands, thank them and release them with love.

Notice again the feeling in your body of lightness, ease and rest. Trust that you can keep this feeling of ease as you go pursue your dreams.

Bring your hands to your heart, honouring yourself and take one last deep breath in and release it as you “let go”. Namaste.

Keep Releasing


After the meditation how do we make sure it stays in the past and we don’t fall back into old habits? Start by journalling what came up for you. When we put pen to paper and write the words this brings the thought from the spiritual, mental awareness into the physical realm of awareness.

Journal on what actions you can do to make this process of letting go really happen. And enlist support by telling others what you are letting go of so they can support your new place.

Repeat this meditation several times to remind yourself of the path you are headed and all that no longer serves you.

Let me know in the comments below what you found most helpful with this practice. Namaste.

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