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Gratitude Meditation

Gratitude Meditation

October 12, 20154 min read

This gratitude meditation was originally created at Thanksgiving for a meaningful Savasana to end off our yoga class. However, this thoughtful meditation can be used often and throughout the year to re-enforce our gratitude muscles.

“When you practice gratefulness, there is a sense of respect towards others.” – Dalai Lama

The meditation is based on the chakras, relaxing the whole body, and affirming our joy and love in each of the seven energy centers.

Expressing gratitude provides many benefits to not only our lives but our overall health as well. Practicing gratitude daily will attract more of what we want into our lives. Use this gratitude meditation as one way of bringing more gratitude into your life.

Open your heart to those that support us in so many ways, and our strength and purpose, and the beauty that surrounds us…

5 Ways to Use this Gratitude Meditation


1. Morning meditation to give your day a gentle purpose.
2. End your yoga practice with this heart opening Savasana.
3. Take a mid day meditation break.
4. Share this with your class as you begin or end a school day.
5. Calm your mind for a deep restful sleep.

Gratitude Meditation

This meditation can be done either lying down or seated. Find your comfortable position.

You can either play the recording or read the script, pausing to feel each sentiment in your body.


• Start to notice the breath.
Feel the breath flowing in and flowing out.
• Soften your face and jaw to allow the breath to flow smoothly in and smoothly out.
• Soften the eyes and relax the shoulders.
• Bring your awareness to your feet, soften the bottoms of your feet, the toes, the heels and the tops of your feet. Let them be completely relaxed.
• Feel that relaxed feeling spread to your lower legs, your calves, your knees, and your thighs. Relaxing your legs so they feel heavy, weighted and secure.



Feel gratitude for your family and your friends; for their love and support however it is given.
Feel gratitude for the community that surrounds and supports you. Everyone from the grocer to your hair stylist, your dentist and doctor, your neighbours, co-workers, teachers and the person who serves you your favourite treat.
Let you heart expand to include your family, friends and community.
• Gently breathe in and as you exhale allow your hips to soften and relax. Rocking them back and forth, side to side to release any tension if that feels right today.
Feel gratitude for your creative mind. For your dreams, desires and the passions that inspire you to feel deeply.
• Inhale feeling your belly expand, exhale letting your belly relax and soften towards your spine.
Feel gratitude for food that nourishes you and makes you strong.
Feel gratitude for your sense of self that defines who you are and allows you to serve the world in your special way.


• Soften your ribs, your back and the area around your heart.
• Feel your heart expand as you feel gratitude for the beauty of nature all around you. For the trees, plants and flowers, for the creatures that share our beautiful world.
• Relax your shoulders, soften your arms from your shoulders all the way down to your fingertips. Swallow and relax your jaw, your mouth, your tongue and your cheeks.

Flower Butterfly

Feel gratitude for the gift of communication and all the ways you express yourself and share your story with the world.
• Soften your eyes and your forehead. Allow the forehead to be free and clear.
Feel gratitude for your intuition; that little voice inside that guides you on the right path. Feel gratitude for all the times you have listened and tuned into this wisdom from within.
• Soften the top of your head and sense the connection around you through your breath feel connected to all those around you and to something larger than yourself.
Feel gratitude for the connection that makes you whole, complete.
Feel a deep sense of peace and contentment surrounding you. Take a few gentle breaths in and out.
• When you’re ready open your eyes feeling gratitude for all that surrounds you.


After your meditation just notice how you feel. Are you content? Does your heart feel more open and able to receive?

Use this meditation for your personal practice or share it with your students to spread this feeling of contentment that radiates through the whole body. Right click here to download the recording.

gratitude thank you

Tell me about your experience in the comments below.

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