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Essential Oil Meditations

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Falling Leaves Meditation

October 28, 20171 min read

The falling leaves meditation is special just for the fall season. It helps align your inner life with the outer world around you.

Use the wisdom of nature to accept change and let go.

A Season For Everything

New Years is the time for new habits,
Spring is for clearing away the cobwebs,
Summer is for enjoying life to the fullest and making use of all the sunshine,
Fall is for change and letting go.

Visualize Your Leaves

This meditation comes from Abbi Wilson at Shanti Generation who have great resources for teens and yoga. Even though it was originally written for teens it’s helpful for all of us to use the visualization of fall changes to help make changes in our lives.

Last time I used this meditation in my youth and teen classes I found it really powerful – so powerful I needed to record it so I could listen back and reflect myself.

Take a moment today to sit up tall, close your eyes and listen along.

Listen along and see what leaves are needing to change colour in your life…

Rake Your Leaves Away

After you finish listening enjoy the last of fall leaves floating through the air, enjoy the process of raking your leaves away and get ready for the new season.

Make this your annual tool that helps clear the way for new growth.

Raking leaves

meditationfalling leavesfalling leaves meditation
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