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3 Minute Morning Guided Meditation for Busy Days

August 20, 20161 min read

Have a lot going on in your day?

Get yourself focused and energized quickly with this simple 3 minute morning energizing meditation.

Whether you are just starting the habit of adding meditation into your day or have an established practice but are going through a busy week, this quick 3 minute morning guided meditation will help you start your day with a positive intention and help you feel more grounded and productive during your day.

3 Minute Morning Guided Meditation

To start your meditation place a drop of an energizing essential oil in your palm.

Energizing Essential Oils

Rub your palms together and cup your hands over your mouth to breathe in deeply.

Take a couple of deep breaths.

Release your hands down to your lap.

As you breathe in feel yourself drawing energy up into your body from the earth.

As you breathe out relax your shoulders and feel your body settle, feel grounded and connected to the earth.

Repeat this breath a couple times drawing in energy and feeling grounded and settled as you breathe out.

Then allow the breath to quiet, relax any tension from your mind and ask yourself these 3 simple questions;

grounding meditation

What does the Universe / God need from me today?

What do I need from the Universe / God?

What will we accomplish together?

Use these thoughts to help keep you on task throughout your day.

Share in the comments below is this useful for you? Were you surprised at what is needed for you today and what your overall purpose is for your day?

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