earth day meditation

Earth Day – a yogis favourite holiday.

Use this mindfulness activity with your students; Earth Day Warrior Visualization to empower your students to take care of the earth. Teaching your students to appreciate the gifts the world provides us and empowering to use their talents to help save the world.
This activity can be done lying down at the end of a yoga class about Earth Day or you can use it anytime in the classroom when the students need time to tune into the strengths inside them.

Earth Day Meditation Warrior Visualization

Earth Day Meditation Warrior VisualizationTo begin:

  • Start in a relaxing position where you can shut out the outside world. Either lying down (on your front or back) or seated with your head on your desk.
  • Relax your body:
  • Start with your feet, relax the bottoms of your feet, the tops of your feet, the heel and your toes. Let your feet feel heavy and relaxed and notice what relaxed feels like to you today
  • As you breathe in draw this relaxed feeling up through your body into your legs, your belly, your back.
  • Relax your shoulders and all the way down your arms to your palms and your fingers.
  • Relax your throat, your jaw, our cheeks and your eyes.

Magic Cloud Carpet Ride – Superhero Powers and Flight

  • As your body gets heavier and heavier allow your mind to become light.
  • Imagine that you are a superhero. A Superhero whose job it is to save the world from being polluted. It’s your job to make sure the earth stays blue and green.
  • Your superpowers come from the earth. The earth helps to power your special talents.
  • When you go out into the forest and touch the trees they energize you and neutralize any poison you get exposed to.
  • Every time you go outside the sun is re-charging your powers.
  • Earth Day Meditation Warrior VisualizationWhen you eat vegetables and plants your body gets stronger and give you your powers.
    • Green vegetables give you energy and power to fly,
    • orange fruits and veggies improve your super keen eyesight,
    • broccoli and bananas give you super sensitive hearing.
  • Imagine eating all your favourite power foods to get you ready for today’s mission.


  • Now that you are powered up imagine your superhero body can lift up and fly.
  • Fly to wherever you are needed. Go on a superhero quest or rescue mission.
  • Soar over the Earth looking for a way that you can help.
    • Perhaps there is an animal that needs you,
    • or you can help to clean up the Earth,
    • maybe your strength is to invent a way to reduce pollution
  • Take a few moments to do whatever you can to help out – use your strengths to best help the world.


Coming Out:

  • Now you notice the sky is getting darker and the stars are coming out and twinkling all around you so you know it’s time to head back.
  • As you come to rest gently on the floor again – feel the solid earth beneath you and gently start to stretch your arms and legs feeling good knowing that you have helped to save the world.


You may choose to end the activity here and talk about how your students were able to use their own gifts and talents to help our planet. If you have additional time make a stained glass planet earth while you discuss everyday ways you can help the earth.

Calm and Creative: Stained Glass Planet EarthEarth Day Meditation Warrior Visualization

Supplies needed: Printed earth image, blue and green crayons, paintbrush, vegetable oil, Scissors.

  • Colour in the earth image with green and blue crayons.
  • Dip a paintbrush in oil and lightly paint over the image.
  • Let dry.
  • Cut out the round world globe, attach to a spring or tape to a window.

Download the printable pdf: Earth Day Warrior Visualization

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