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What’s your Dosha? Ayurveda Simple Wisdom

February 28, 20164 min read

We are all unique.

Our composition was determined at birth and our personality, while shaped by the events in our life, was also largely determined at birth.

It’s innate. Just ask a parent with multiple kids ­raised the same way, ­yet how they turned out is completely different. so…

What’s your dosha?

What's your make up?

What are your innate characteristics?

Ayurveda calls these innate characteristics your Dosha. We all have all the elements (Space, Air, Fire, Water & Earth) within us but some elements are more prevalent than others. The combination of our more prevalent elements is what creates our Dosha. For more information on the Ayurvedic elements check read this post.

A Dosha is a group of two similar elements that are often found together.


Vata is the combination of Air and Space.
Pitta is the combination of Fire and Water.
Kapha is the combination of Water and Earth.

We are all a combination of all 3 Doshas however one is typically more prevalent or pronounced than the others. This primary Dosha describes how we look, how we are inclined to act and how we re­act.

So what does that mean for you?

Understanding your Dosha helps you to feel your best. For each Dosha there are certain foods that will help us feel balanced and others that will pull us out of balance. And it’s not just food – ­your primary Dosha will impact how you feel at different times of the day, your emotional responses, your optimal exercise routine and even how the seasons and weather affect you. But let’s start with food…

diet for doshas

For example, if you are mostly Pitta (Fire and Water elements) you are typically driven and decisive. Indulging in a lot of hot spicy foods may set off your temper and cause heartburn. In contrast to the hot, spicy foods a soothing vanilla ice cream or sweet fruit treat helps to soothe your personality and your complexion.

If you are a Kapha (Earth and Water elements) your unique composition tends to be heavier, moist and cool. Indulging in an ice cream treat will pull you out of balance while the spicy hot sauce helps to dry up the congestion and light a fire in your motivation.

For Vata types (Space and Air elements) it’s a challenge to feel warm and keep your thoughts going in one direction. So eating a raw food diet, while trendy, makes your mind less focused. Warm soups and stews nourish you and keep you grounded so you can act on those creative ideas of yours.

So... what’s YOUR Dosha?

Figuring out your Dosha is takes a bit of detective work and a lot of just noticing your physical, mental and emotional traits and patterns.

Flourish Dosha Quiz

Start with this simple quiz to determine your Dosha:

Have your family members take the quiz too. It’s always good to know where their emotions and food cravings are coming from!

I like to do a couple of quizzes (because I’m Vata, more is better and decisions are hard…) so here are my favourite on­line quizzes to explore.

Chopra Center: On­line Dosha Quiz
Banyon Botanicals: On­line Dosha Quiz

It’s About Awareness

Our Dosha, like a Myers Briggs test, gives us one more tool to understand ourselves and make better choices to keep us feeling healthy and find balance in our lives. Use this information to optimize your food choices and become more aware of what will make you feel amazing.

For me, it was to finally understand that my mind tends to race a thousand miles an hour and that’s natural. Instead of getting frustrated with this part of me I can accept it, do what I can to focus and soothe my nervous system and work with this trait instead of work against it. It’s just part of who I am.

So take the test – let’s find out who you really are. Let’s turn your innate nature into your strengths. It becomes a journey of discovery.

Share in the comments below what is your primary Dosha? Does it make sense to you? Or are you a blend of two Doshas? I’d love to hear!

Krista Strayer

Want more clarity on your Dosha and how this will help you find balance in your life? Book a complimentary personal wellness consultation where we can talk about what’s best for you.

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Krista Strayer

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