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By the Light of the Moon – How to Make Moon Tea to Balance Summer’s Heat

By the Light of the Moon – How to Make Moon Tea to Balance Summer’s Heat

July 16, 20163 min read

I remember growing up with Sun Tea in the summertime, where you place a large glass container outside with tea bags in it and let it sit in the sun to steep. It wasn’t until I started becoming more curious about health and the power of embracing our feminine side that I learned of Moon Tea and I admit there was something there that immediately caught my attention and curiosity.

My coach at the time was instructing us to sip on Moon tea to help keep us cool and even-tempered throughout the hot summer days. It seemed like such a simple, almost goddess-like practice. 


The difference between sun-infused water and moon infused water is basically yang vs yin. The sun is a very strong, powerful energy source, it’s very masculine. The moon is a subtler, gentler, more feminine energy and yet not without its own “pull” so to speak.

During the summer months when the solar energy is at its peak it’s great to balance out the strong summer rays with the moon’s cooling energy.

Moon Water can be made any day under the light of the moon but takes on extra energy and potency if made during the full moon window (the night before, the night of and the night after).

To start off, or even just as an experimental control if you have an engineering mind like mine that just needs to know, place out a jar with plain water, let it soak the Moon’s rays overnight and taste it the next day. Does it seem softer, gentler, cooler?

Then allow yourself to get fancy and infuse your moon water with flower fruits or herbs for added taste and cooling benefits.

Steps for Making Full Moon Tea:

full moon clouds

1. Fill a large glass container with water. Great containers to use are old-fashioned milk jugs, large glass serving containers with the spigot popular now at home stores, a large mason jar or simply an old glass juice jar.

2. Set the water-filled container outdoors in the evening in a place that will receive the glow from the moon. If you have a special place in your yard with spiritual or emotional significance this makes a great spot for your jug.

3. Rinse off and add any petals or herbs to the water if you are using. See the chart below for ideas on what to use.
4. Enjoy your slumber while the moon shines.
5. Retrieve your jar before the sun gets too high in the sky bringing it indoors to keep it cool and fresh.
6. Sip your cooling Moon Tea throughout the day. If you are making a full moon blend you may want to savour this one over several days.

To augment the cooling aspect of the water try infusing some of these edible flowers, herbs, and fruits that may be growing in your backyard, into your water. Make sure that anything you add has not been treated with chemicals and is edible, not poisonous.

edible flowersCooling edible flowers

Enjoy your brew and post in the comments below if you can taste a difference between moon water and tap water. What flavours did you add to your infusion?

edible flowersfull moon teahow to make moon teasun teayin and yang
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