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How To Guide: Clear The Energy In Your Home With Smudging

How To Guide: Clear The Energy In Your Home With Smudging

April 23, 20214 min read

For beginners and regular “smudgers” Here how to most effectively clear the energy in your home with smudging.

Do you ever have those days where it’s just hard to get anything done?

Does it feel like the world is holding you back?
Maybe there are big imaginary strings holding you from moving forward?
Perhaps the space around you is weighing you down…

These days are my clues – I need to clear the air and space around me.

It may seem a little woo-woo but it’s definitely one of those don’t knock it till you try it techniques. And considering how long this has been done… there’s got to be something to this.

While the origins may have been more practical in nature, many of the herbs used in cleansing rituals also repel insects. The emotional benefits are why the practice is still in use today.

Now, I am not an expert on this. So I called on my intuition guide; Carmen Jochmann to give us the rundown on how to tell if your home has bad energy? And what can you do about it…

Check that out in the video, then scroll down for the coles notes on how to do it.

Clear The Energy In Your Home With Smudging

What to Use for Cleansing Home Energy

Many just choose to use a sage stick to cleanse, which is totally fine. If you are a regular “cleanser” and want to take this to the next level then try exploring one of the other options either with the Palo Santo or Sweetgrass or with the essential oils alternatives.

Smudging Energy Clearing Sage Stick

Sage Cleansing

Used to clear negative energy. Best done on a regular schedule to ensure your home is your safe haven.

Desert Sage and White Sage are the two most common types of sage to use for cleansing your home.

Essential Oil Alternate: Diffuse Lemongrass in each room for 8 hours.

palo santo cleansing

Palo Santo Cleansing

Used to seal and heal the space. Palo Santo trees grow in the Amazon forest and are related to the Frankincense tree. Similar to Sage Cleansing this is done room by room.

Essential Oil Alternate: Diffuse Frankincense or Guaiacwood in each room for 4 hours.

Sweet Grass Cleansing

Attracts good spirits and angels and positive energy to your home. Sustains the effects of other clearings.

Note: Only do Sweet Grass cleansing after releasing negative energy so that you are not attracting more negative energy into your home.

Essential Oil Alternate: Diffuse Chamomile and Tangerine in each room for 4 hours.

Essential Oils for Cleansing

If going from room to room seems like it will take too much time, or you are needing to cleanse an office space or home where smoke is not an option then essential oils are a great option.

You can either move your diffuser from room to room. Or, if you are a diffuser junkie like me – just set each one running and you’re done!

Just make sure you are using a high-quality oil that you can trust, diffusing synthetic oils or oils that are not sustainably harvested is not going to improve the energy in your home. AKA – not the oils from the mall, grocery store or amazon… These are the oils I use and trust.

Love the simplicity of using essential oils? Here are the links to take action and start doing this today:

Purchase the Cleansing Oils at Retail Pricing
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5 Steps to Smudging

1. Open a window on your top floor to allow negative energy to leave.
2. Set an intention to release or remove negative energy.
3. Light the stick until it is smoking.
4. Start in the basement and waft the cleansing stick around each room’s perimeter.
5. After completing a room, make an X in the center of the ceiling to seal the room.
6. Repeat in each room, ending on the top floor.

Pay particular attention to corners, closets, and rooms not frequently used as these are typical spaces for negative energy to accumulate.

For more information on how to clear the energy in your home with smudging check out Carmen’s course: The Art of Smudging.

The Art of Smudging

Share What Works for You

Post below if you regularly clear your space and what you like to use. Or if you are new to this – try it out and let us know how it went!

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