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How the Five Elements of Ayurveda Make You Uniquely You

February 22, 20162 min read

When the stars aligned on the night you were born the universe came together in a special unique way to make you “Uniquely You”.

Your composition is like a blueprint or a chromatograph signature that combines the five elements of Ayurveda into your unique shape, appearance, personality and preferences.

According to Ayurveda the elements of earth, water, fire, air and space or ether make up all living things. What elements came together to create you and your unique signature?

The 5 Elements of Ayurveda
Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Space

5 Elements of Ayurveda

Air Element influences how mobile you are.  Picture the people who are constantly in motion who run everywhere instead of walk or stroll. Have a friend who always has multiple projects on the go? A great element for creativity, not so great for getting things finished.

Fire element determines how intense you are, how “fiery” your emotions are, how red your complexion is and how quickly you make decisions. Think hot-tempered redheads and type A business people. Not a bad element for success but also leads to heartache.

Water element helps us go with the flow and smooth out touch situations. Are you the one who smooths out ruffled feathers?  Does your skin glow? Do people tend to stick by you just for comfort?

Earth Element makes us feel grounded and secure. It may mean your frame is dense and stable, it may cause you to feel stuck in a rut at times but it also means you are trustworthy and unshakable.

Space element, also called ether, is the most difficult to describe.  This subtle nature is characterized by the stillness before dawn and is often described as spiritual or connected. It’s also the pauses that allow reflection and the space that allows the other elements to form. Think of the wisdom of elders, those that communicate without even speaking and the times when you feel connected to a greater purpose.

Your Unique Composition

Five Elements of Ayurveda

The elements are then grouped together to form your dosha.

Space and Air combine to form Vata
Fire and Water form Pitta
Water and Earth create Kapha

It’s from these Doshas that we begin to understand ourselves on a deeper level and from this understanding we can affect change and growth.


Read on for how to determine your Dosha and how it affects what we eat, how we exercise and even what diseases we are predisposed for.

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