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Create a Healing Space in Your Home

November 21, 20164 min read

As we approach a stressful season in our lives it’s important to plan, to make arrangements for everything that needs to happen. So we make the social schedule, the cleaning schedule, the cooking schedule. But often we forget to plan and prepare for the most important part. The time and space for downtime, the time to restore our own energy.

When life gets busy on the outside we have a greater need for time inside. Time alone to heal, repair and renew. As our external lives get busier we need to balance that off with more time to heal otherwise we get thrown off balance and this is where disease sets in.

In Ayurveda there is a law that like increases like. The busier we get, the more we put on the I’ve got it all under control face, the more we get pulled out of balance. What we need in busy times is the opposite.

This is when our healing space or home sanctuary become critical.

What is a healing space?

First, think about what practices do you do or want to do that are healing for you? What things help to restore and nourish you?

Healing bath

Self Massage
Soak in the Tub
Reiki / Healing Touch or other Energetic Healing
Yoga Nidra

Create a healing space that is set-up and welcoming for you when life on the outside gets busy.

Somewhere you can go to bring your energy back to center. A place where you don’t have to wear a mask, the happy smile can slide and you can just be quiet.

Are You Escaping or Healing?

Often when we are tired we relax with practices that don’t allow us to go into this deeper healing state. We look for distraction and the band-aid fixes. The TV shows, movies and books that let us step outside of ourselves. The glass of wine that helps us to unwind but disconnects us from how we truly feel and then disturbs our healing sleep.

First, acknowledge your avoidance tendencies. Where do you go to escape instead of heal?

Escaping can be helpful at first, but it won’t bring us back to center – for that we need to go deeper.

We need that time alone to just be present with how we feel. Whether that’s tired, overwhelmed, too needed… Ever feel like you are looking after everyone else but you? As women we have the power within ourselves to heal, put your own needs first for a few minutes each day.

Healing space

How to Create a Healing Space at Home

7 Simple Ways to Create a Home Sanctuary

  1. Clear away the clutter from a corner so it’s restful and peaceful. Somewhere where you can relax and not be surrounded by reminders of the to-do list.

  2. Simply set out your yoga mat and a bolster so it’s ready for you. Make it easy to take the time that you need to rest, stretch and work out the stresses of the day.

  3. Set up an altar with something that reminds you of what’s truly important.

  4. Place your meditation cushion nearby to encourage you to take time to sit and get re-connected to what is important.

  5. Use a favourite essential oil as both your trigger and your reward. When you see that little bottle in your space it will draw you in to sit and indulge even if just for a moment. And the reward centers of your brain light up when you inhale your favourite calming scent.

  6. Create a special massage oil that will soothe and balance your emotions. Make self massage your daily practice in stressful times a little longer. Indulge and check-in with how you really feel. Use this time to activate and massage those acupressure and massage points that will help to bring you back into balance. Keep the massage oil in plain view so you are reminded to use it.

  7. Prepare to indulge regularly in a deep soak. Stock up on Epsom salts and have them sitting ready for you to enjoy along with a few drops of essential oils that will help you relax and get centred again. Make this a habit several times a week to slip away and relax.

Actions for Today

When you create your healing space today, take a moment to reflect on where this space is going to be for you? A room, a corner of a room, your bathroom.

Most of all keep it simple. What can you easily do with what you have on hand – remember less is more it’s really the space, the intention that matters.

What one simple thing can you set up today (and use) that will help you through the season ahead?

Set your intentions, voice it aloud by sharing in the comments below, and use the peer support of the community to help you follow through.

What simple thing can you do today to create a healing space or simple home sanctuary?

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