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Meet Krista Strayer of Flourish Yoga. Teaching Yoga in Calgary for over 17 years. Kids yoga teacher trainer, yin yoga classes, golf yoga classes and of course yoga and essential oils classes and workshops. Besides teaching yoga Krista is a certified yoga health coach specializing in Ayurveda and Essential Oils. Connect with Krista for healthy aging tips and natural health solutions.

why i do what i do

My Passion for Ayurveda

I was doing all the right things but I was exhausted.

Doing yoga and eating healthy wasn't enough. But then I heard about the daily habits of Ayurveda and the light bulb went on. Re-aligning to mother nature and understanding what makes my body unique made a big difference.

Then when I added essential oils to the mix - my body started to truly heal.

I truly believe these natural health solutions are the keys to healthy aging and living your life full out.

work with me!

My Essential Oil Business

I get to work with an incredible group of individuals! We support each other, collaborate together, create with one another, and we have a lot of fun doing it all! The best part of all is that we each have created freedom in our lives and in our income. dōTERRA is an incredible opportunity that can change lives! Not only in health, but in wealth!

My Love for Kids Yoga

I started with teaching yoga as a gym unit (and still do) but there is so much more potential for yoga and mindfulness for students and teachers beyond the gymnasium.

Movement and learning are intrinsically linked, it makes learning fun to do and most importantly we learn better. Fascinated by this potential I got a little crazy with dreaming up ways you could teach kids their curriculum with yoga and sharing these tools with teachers.

However, teachers have so much on their plates that to add in another too, no matter how great the tool is often just too much. Reality is many teachers and parents are operating from a state of overwhelm. Balancing so many needs and looking after every one else leaves us depleted.

The key then is to nourish and support the teachers.

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