Flourish Schools…

I started with teaching yoga as a gym unit (and still do) but there is so much more potential for yoga and mindfulness for students and teachers beyond the gymnasium.

Movement and learning are intrinsically linked, it makes learning fun to do and most importantly we learn better. Fascinated by this potential I got a little crazy with dreaming up ways you could teach kids their curriculum with yoga and sharing these tools with teachers.

However, teachers have so much on their plates that to add in another too, no matter how great the tool is often just too much. Reality is many teachers and parents are operating from a state of overwhelm. Balancing so many needs and looking after every one else leaves us depleted.

The key then is to nourish and support the teachers.

Nourish the Teacher

Eastern Cultures have a philosophy that if you nourish the mother the child will thrive. After a baby is born the mothers feet do not touch the ground for a month. She is nurtured and cared for and supported so she can rebuild her energy reserves and in this environment the child thrives.

This is what our teachers really need.  If we can nourish the teachers the students will thrive.

The greatest impact I can make in schools right now is to help teachers re-build and sustain their energy reserves.

About Krista

Mother of 2 teen-aged girls I balance my time between family time, being a “dance mom” and the work I love.

Started life out as an Engineer, I was a pretty serious kid… but I found my inner child in a YogaKids Workshop and working with kids now keeps me young.

I teach community yoga classes on Monday nights, its my one night to play and enjoy just sharing yoga with youth, teens and a few adults. However the focus for Flourish has evolved to finding ways to support our schools to be healthy places to learn.

Flourish started out as flourish yoga and flourish landscape so when not teaching and practicing yoga you can find me puttering in the garden or escaping to the mountains.