Flourish Schools

Teaching Yoga and Wellness in Schools
Inspiring Kids Who care and Nurturing Those Who Care for Them

Teacher Wellness and Self Care

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flourish yoga at school

Yoga and Mindfulness at School

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flourish healthy families

Healthy Choices for Busy Families

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Krista Strayer, founder - flourish yoga & flourish schools

Krista Strayer – Founder  –  Flourish Yoga & Flourish Schools


Flourish Schools

Evolving the Health of the Whole School

Combining a passion for learning and an awareness of health to support the whole school ecosystem from students, teachers and families.

Nourish the Teacher

Teachers and school staff give so much of themselves to others but now it’s time to look after you.  If we nourish the teachers the students will thrive.

Flourish Schools

Teaching yoga and wellness in schools from preschool through high school. Inspiring students to move, be excited to learn and empowered to calm. Leading workshops for teachers to support yoga in the classroom and nourishing their needs.

Flourish Families

Supporting healthy choices in busy schedules.

Hi, I just want to let you know that I am very happy with products.  My son instantly connected with the sphere to help connect with breath and both kids liked the cards and chose some to do before bed.  I also love the curriculum integration!



Homeschool Parent and Children's Author

Your classes are energetic providing kids with the balance between energy and calmness; allowing them to go back to class with new found focus and also contributing to their daily dose of physical activity.  Your classes are fun, interactive, imaginative with well developed lessons.  You manage to allow children to take a moment and think about and value nature around us, without being outdoors!



Grade 2 Teacher