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Wellness Resources and Self Care Tools


Deep Nourishment for Your Body and Soul

Take time to renew, treat yourself and look after your needs so you can be more present for those who need you.

Nourish the teacher is the number one priority here.  If you are not healthy, grounded and happy what is the true lesson you are teaching your students.

Think back to the teachers you remember most.  They truly loved what they were doing because they were living in balance and taking care of themselves.


What do you need today?

You give to others all the time in your work – to your students, their parents, your colleagues, the school and more.

How do you take care of you? What would it be like to work with your body feeling better?

Imagine ease-ful habits of self-care and the experience of letting go of stress in favour of ease and flow.

Are you ready to receive more?

Infuse your days with mindfulness, simple self-care habits, and movement that keeps you feeling young.

Mindfulness and Meditation for Teachers

Mindfulness and Meditation

Feel centered and more at ease by taking a few minutes each day to tune in to you.

Self Care for Teachers

Self Care Habits

Build up your energy reserves with simple daily habits.

Yoga Routines for Teachers

Yoga for You

Start or end your day with movement to help you feel better.

From beginner to advanced routines.