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It’s about Taking Care of YOU

A 10 Week Online Course

Nourish The Teacher is because you care… so much!


You are a teacher – you are called to serve.

You can’t do this to your highest potential if we don’t look after YOU first.

You have so much to do – it’s hard to know where to start…

You have so many “priorities” – did you know the word used to be singular….

You have too many demands for YOUR time and no time to pause, think and get it sorted out…

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Nourish the Teacher is about taking better care of you.

We are going to do this through very small, simple habits that will help you;

Sleep Better

Have More Energy

Think Clearly

Feel Vibrantly Alive

You will learn about yourself and what YOUR body needs to thrive.

We want to know;

What a healthy diet

means to you?

The type of exercise

your body really needs.

What does meditation

look like for you?

How to care for

your body naturally.

You will learn about yourself and what YOUR body needs to thrive.


How are we going to start taking care of YOU?

group_iconA – We don’t do this alone.   This is a group experience, we are working together to support each other, learn from each other and most importantly tap into the exponential growth you only get from a group. It is a fact that in the right formation, the lifting power of many wings can achieve twice the distance of any bird flying alone. ~Author Unknown
start_small_iconB – We start small, really, really small. Habit changes are most effective when done in small, almost micro steps so we don’t even know they are happening but in the end they make big shifts, big impacts on how we feel. Change becomes a habit and habits are hard to change. ~Yann Martel
group_commitment_iconC – We commit to wanting more. The success of the program comes from really, really wanting to feel better.  This is a select group who will support each other to make change happen for each other. Imagine what you could achieve if you had twice as much energy.  Imagine what a group of teachers could achieve if they took this energy and inspired their classes and schools.

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Very inspiring, motivating and informative – in tune with what I need and would benefit from and the course fit with my schedule and availability. I learned so much from taking this course and it has inspired me to continue to practice these healthy habits. I looked forward to the webinars each week and could listen to Krista speak all day! I look forward to continuing to work towards building consistency in these habits and learning more about each one. I believe that I will gain long term benefits and become a healthier person, ultimately improving the well-being of my family because of it. Thank you, Krista! Cecilia

Grade 2 Teacher, Escuela Collingwood

Krista is a wealth of information and has many suggestions to trouble shoot any issues that arise. I’m getting more benefit than I thought I would in so many different areas. I’m not tired in the afternoon anymore. I feel really organized, I’m not hungry in the afternoon.  I have more to offer at work and at home to everyone. and we’re not even half way through! Trena

Child Development Advisor , A.E. Bowers School

You are so knowledgeable and supportive. I appreciate how you paid attention to even the smallest detail in order to help me grow and overcome obstacles in my path. Susan

Teaching and Learning Assistant, Westmount Charter School

I very much enjoyed Krista’s support and vast range of knowledge. It was felt that she truly cares about and wants the best for her clients. Even simply having these reminders about habits that we know are good for us with a little extra, kind ‘nudge’ of support from Krista, helps to make these positive changes a reality. Kate

Mental Health Capacity Building Success Coach, Canadian Rockies School Board

Learned lots. Would not have made the changes on my own. Fun and challenging. Marilyn


What You will Explore in the Course

Week 1

Earlier, Lighter Dinners

Nourish The Teacher

Week 1aAre you eating the majority of your calories, late in the day when its hard for our body to digest and keeps our body working instead of resting overnight? This week is about aligning our schedules to what works best in our body and discovering tools to encourage families and individuals to eat earlier in the day.

Week 2

Early to Bed

Nourish The Teacher

week 2aIt’s easiest to make habit changes late in the day – these key habits then allow you to start your day easier. Can you follow nature’s rhythm and go to sleep with the sun?  If so you are more likely to have the energy you need for the next day. This week we work on getting our body the rest it needs so you feel refreshed in the morning.

nourish_logo_circle_goldWeek Three

Start the Day Right

Nourish The Teacher

early-to-riseDo you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to move?  This is our goal. Your morning habits and practices set your intention for the day and drive how the day unfolds. This week is about creating positive morning rituals that support you inside and out.

nourish_logo_circle_goldWeek Four

Breath Body Practices

Nourish The Teacher

Week 4 How does your body like to move? Getting our body moving in the morning is key to how it functions.  However morning movement practices are not one size fits all. Let’s find what’s optimal for you.

nourish_logo_circle_goldWeek Five

Plant-Based Diet

Nourish The Teacher

Week 5This week is all about plants and what part of our diet do they occupy.  Don’t worry you don’t have to be Vegan or Vegetarian – but what proportion do you source your diet from live, living foods? How much species diversity do you have in your diet?  Did you know the different parts of the plant can help us at different times for different needs? Get ready to be cozy and knowledgeable about the plants that nourish us.

nourish_logo_circle_goldWeek Six


Nourish The Teacher

Week 6The Ayurvedic practice of oil massage is our secret weapon to nourishing ourselves and enhancing your immune system at the same time. This week we explore how to do it;  what to use for your body type, when to practice, and how its most effective. Get ready to feel totally and completely pampered every day from now on.

nourish_logo_circle_goldWeek Seven


Nourish The Teacher

This week is on the benefits of sitting in silence.Week 7 We will explore different techniques to find one that works for you. If you already have a practice we’ll look at how to make it more effective.  If this is new for you we’ll make it easy to establish a daily routine for this important tool for your body, mind and emotions.

nourish_logo_circle_goldWeek Eight

Healthier Eating Guidelines

Nourish The Teacher

This week we are going back to the food question to look at what we are feeding our body and how we nourish ourselves through food. Allow yourself to feel satisfied by incorporating all six tastes into each meal.  Leach which tastes help to keep your body feeling balanced? Establishing a loving relationship with the food that nourishes us.

nourish_logo_circle_goldWeek Nine

Sense Organ Care

Nourish The Teacher

Week 9Our senses are how we perceive the world. How do you take care of these important tools?  Are you caring for them in ways that they can serve you as you age? Our sense organs are also the pathways for disease to enter our body so this week we’ll look at tools and routines to keep them protected and healthy – especially important being around kids all day.

nourish_logo_circle_goldWeek Ten

Easeful Living

Nourish The Teacher

Week 10This week is all about living an easeful relationship with life. Who are you becoming with your new habits and routines?  How are you showing up in the world? This week is about working together with your body and finding ease in your new habits. Choose to let go of stress in favour of ease and flow.

What You Will Receive:

arrow Ten Video Webinar Lessons with Krista

Each week we will explore a new habit to support and nourish our body, mind and emotions.  The material will be presented in a webinar format that you can watch and listen to on your own schedule.  If you are not able to listen before our live call that week – that’s OK – join us anyway – the discussion will focus on where you are at now.

arrowLive Weekly Connection Calls with Krista and the Community

Connection is a key component of growth.  During these weekly calls you will be able to ask questions about the habits and your health situation.  Hearing about others success and challenges assists us with our own challenges.  This is often the best and most meaningful part of the course. The calls will all be recorded so that you can listen in and still be connected if you can’t attend the live session that week. Live Connection Calls are each 60 minutes long and will have an alternating schedule on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings to ensure everyone can attend live several times throughout the course.

arrowPersonalized One on One Coaching Sessions with Krista

Each participant will have the opportunity to work directly one-on-one with Krista to dive deep into your health challenges. Receive two 15 minute personalized sessions scheduled throughout the course.

arrowCourse Manual of Weekly Tips and Accountability Charts

The course manual  provides additional information to support the webinar and group calls to allow you space to brainstorm and work out solutions to help you on your journey.  The activities can be completed in roughly one hour of personal reflection time during the week.

arrowAccess to the nourish the teacher community – a facebook members only forum 

You will be able to ask questions and solicit the group for feedback on your challenges. Share your successes and post your intentions for the group to help hold you accountable. Facebook membership is not a required component of the course but is here  help to build community and friendships that will last beyond the length of the course.

arrowOne Year Doterra Membership

In our past courses we found Essential Oils to be super supportive and nourishing for our sleep habits, meditation moments, water breaks and of course oil massages… So to make sure everyone has access to the tools they need to feel completely nourished we’ve added this into the course. Your full year long membership allows you to explore and indulge your senses in the world of Essential Oils and how they can support your wellness journey. This includes your membership enrollment fee, intro kit (Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint), Aroma Touch and Coconut oil. Value $136 Cdn Enjoy this added to your Nourish Journey.


Nourish the Teacher

Join Krista and a Community of Teachers who Share your Desire to Feel Good


Registration closes January 29th.

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If you have any further questions about the course please contact Krista and she’ll be glad to assist you.

  • Do I need to live in Calgary to take the course? No – the course is designed to be all done on-line and call times are selected to work with time zones throughout North America and worldwide.


  • What if I can’t make any of the live call times? The Webinar Training Modules are all designed to listen to when it is convenient for you.  For the Live Community Calls we will do our best to schedule calls so that everyone gets a chance to participate as this is an important part of our training to be a part of the community.  If you can’t make any of the times designated let us know and we’ll try and work out another group time.  While we will do our utmost to make sure you have a chance to participate we also appreciate that you will make the same effort.


  • What if I don’t have facebook? The facebook forum helps to build community but is not a required piece of the course.  All materials are distributed through email and we will review the facebook discussions on our weekly live calls together so you won’t miss out on any information.


  • Are there any additional costs for textbooks for the course. No –  there are no required texts to purchase.  All of the learning will take place on-line.  There may be books recommended for further information but these are not required.


  • Are there any other additional costs for the course? The only other item you may want to consider purchasing is a headset.  A headset makes on-line courses much more enjoyable as you will be able to listen in and ask questions.  Without a headset we may receive too much interference depending on your location and background noise to get you live on the call.
  • Refund Policy You may receive a refund for the course less a $50 administration fee if you are unable to take the course if you provide written notice (email is fine) within 2 weeks of the course start date. We understand that circumstances do occur and if you are unable to start the course for the registered session you may change your community membership for the next available course session at no additional cost.  Again a 2 week notification is required.


  • Guarantee If, for any reason, once you have started the course you feel it is not the right fit for you.  You may receive a refund less the $50 administration fee if you notify us in writing within the first 15 days of the course start date.