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Foot Massage for Deep Restful Sleep

April 15, 20213 min read

This evening foot massage for restful sleep might be your new secret sleep sauce!

I often wake up in the morning and my feet are sore.

Maybe I did too much activity the day before.

Or sometimes I sat too much – and not enough movement or lymphatic drainage and then overnight that can build up even more.

Foot Massage in the evening is a favourite way to ritualize your evening routine for an even deeper, more relaxing sleep. It’s super relaxing and works magic if you have a hard time falling asleep or frequently wake up in the night.

Sleep Is Critical

Your best defence against illness and stress is a good night’s sleep. In the Daily Essentials, we have several evening rituals that help to prepare your body for a night of deep, restful sleep but this is likely my favourite.

It’s easy to use both as an indulgence when you need a little extra TLC. But it’s also great to do when you only have a minute and want to just tap into one point that can make a difference.

It doesn’t have to take very long, even a couple of minutes of focussed attention can make a big difference.

The video below goes through six different acupressure points to help treat insomnia, calm the mind and centre your thoughts.

Evening Foot Massage for Restful Sleep

Amplify the effect of your foot massage for a night of deep relaxing sleep with a calming and relaxing essential oil.

Top Blends For Sleep Support

The benefit of a blend is you get the synergy of the oils working together. The calming aspect of the tree oils and the hormone supporters of the florals for example all combined together. Sometimes it’s great just to let the scientists do their thing and reap the rewards!

Serenity Blend – Formulated for sleep. This is a soothing blend that promotes deep sleep and comes in both the oil and a capsule form for convenience. Contains Lavender, Cedarwood, Ho Wood, Ylang Ylang, Marjoram, Roman Chamomile, Vetiver, Vanilla Bean Absolute, Hawaiian Sandalwood.
• Balance Blend – Grounding and stabilizing, used throughout the day and at night to help you stay connected to the moment. Contains Spruce, Ho Wood, Frankincense, Blue Tansy, Blue Chamomile, and Osmanthus in a base of Fractionated Coconut Oil.
• Adaptiv Blend – Created to reduce feelings of anxiety and boost mood. Helps to calm the mind and many find it helpful for sleep too. Contains Wild Orange, Lavender, Copaiba, Spearmint, Magnolia, Rosemary, Neroli, and Sweetgum.
• Deep Blue Blend – Releases muscle tension and stiffness. Helpful if pain is preventing you from sleeping or to calm restless legs. Contains Wintergreen, Camphor, Peppermint, Ylang Ylang, Helichrysum, Blue Tansy, Blue Chamomile, and Osmanthus.
• Easy Air Blend – Referred to as the respiratory blend, super helpful to breathe deep all night long, and calm the “loud” sleepers… Contains Laurel Leaf, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Tea Tree, Lemon, Cardamom, Ravintsara and Ravensara.

Top Essential Oils Recommended for Sleep

For when you want to play chemist and create your own blend – or you like the simplicity of one oil – these are great single oils to explore in the evening especially!

Cedarwood – Calms agitation of the mind, promotes deep sleep.
Chamomile – balances hormones, sedative effect.
Copaiba – relieves pain, lessens anxiety
Frankincense – calms the mind, restorative.
Lavender – calming & relaxing
Juniper Berry – supports night time urination.
Vetiver – grounding and quiets the brain
Wild Orange – quiets an over-active mind
Ylang Ylang – soothing, supports hormonal and emotional balance.

My daughter Kate and I have been playing with this one and testing out which essential oils pair best with this foot massage points for restful sleep. Always looking to get the best sleep ever! I invite you to join us, “play” with this:

Grab your favourite relaxing essential oil and follow along to the video. In the morning post in the comments below the Essential Oil that works best in your foot massage to give you that deep restful sleep…

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Krista Strayer

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