For the woman who believes health is more than taking a pill.

The Daily Essentials

Take control of your health using natural solutions and daily rituals.

with Krista Strayer - your wellness lifestyle coach using Ayurveda and Essential Oils.

Ancient wisdom - backed by science and proven to work.

The simple daily habits to get back on track with your health.

Have you gotten that wake-up call that its time to get on track with your health?

→Scary Diagnosis

→Blood Test Results higher than normal

→Menopause Symptoms out of control

Or... Just want to know how to support your health with natural solutions?

The Daily Essentials

Your Personalized Wellness Plan with

Essential Self-Care Rituals to have more energy, feel lighter and be happier.

Take control of your health....

I feel like I am able to handle my very busy schedule with more ease and I feel happier and more centered throughout the whole day.

Before joining I was overwhelmed and had so much going on that while I dreamed of changing my life I didn’t think I had time for this.

Krista helped me understand that simply adding in one small thing at a time adds up to huge changes. The habits I have struggled to change for years like starting a meditation practice are now just part of my day and instead of taking time the program has re-energized my day.


Web Based Business Advisor, Laguna Beach, CA

You’re doing so many of the “right” things.

So… why are you still feeling…

  • Tired

  • Overwhelmed

  • Bloated

  • Heavy

  • Worried

If you could have a personalized morning self-care routine that sets you up to handle your busy schedule with ease, and feel happier and healthier all day long.…

Would you put yourself first on the list?

Or, would you keep on…

🚫Beating yourself up for all the “should’s” that everyone else seems capable of doing.

🚫Putting yourself last on the list and getting bumped off the list by the end of the day.

🚫Extending yourself too far while looking after everyone else.

🚫Trying every new thing, hoping this will be the one to help but knowing you won’t stick to it long enough to really find out.

Luckily there is still time for you to be the 80 year old…

still skiing black diamond runs,

golfing daily,

and keeping up with the kids and grandkids.

It starts now.

With simple, daily, essential self-care rituals.

From the Engineer turned Yoga Health Coach…

Hi, I’m Krista.

Over the last 15 years, I’ve worked with dozens of women — women who just like you, take care of everyone around them first.

Women who to neglect their own self-care and then beat themselves up when they aren’t living life at the weight they want to be or with the energy they deserve to have.

I help them understand how they are a unique blend of Vata, Pitta and Kapha {your Dosha} and this understanding frees them from the should’s and the confusion from conflicting advice.

They start to align with their body’s daily rhythms, understand the unique nourishment their bodies crave and how to incorporate more movement and meditation for optimal health.

By teaching them the foundation of stacking small habits, each success fuels the next.

Ayurvedic wisdom, amplified with pure doTERRA essential oils have helped all of them build a foundation of daily habits that opens their life to the limitless possibilities they are capable of.

When you join the Daily Essentials,

I’ll do the same for you.

Daily Essential Self Care Rituals

– the key to your daily non-negotiables…

→Start your day with Ayurvedic self care rituals to reduce anxiety and be able to deal with stress all day long.

→Let go of the “shoulds” and shift away from habits that no longer serve you. Instead have total confidence in what is right for you as you discover your unique nature.

Carve out time for you. Free up space to grow and follow your dreams and desires. This is your time to bloom!

→Let go of the labels surrounding your diet and nourish your body with the food and supplements it needs to flourish.

→ Improve the well-being of your whole family when you prioritize your self care.

→Learn how to implement small rituals throughout your day. Moments that when amplified with essential oils reduce anxiety and bring you quickly back to a state of peace and centered calm.

Gain consistency with the little things {aka daily healthy habits} with simple habit triggers and rewards.

Sleep better night after night. Re-align your internal clock and tap into the healing power of essential oils – and yoga!

Connect with a community of women who will support and empower you on your journey in our non-judgemental community. This is your safe place to grow and share.


The Daily Essentials

A complete, made-for-you, step-by-step support system of collective wisdom.

One that combines the science of essential oils and ancient wisdom of Ayurvedic habits to lead you towards a deeper connection with your health and well-being.

Bringing you back to your natural rhythms with better sleep than you’ve had in years, a lighter feeling body and the energy that you’ve been missing.

Start thriving every single day instead of trying to just survive the chaos.

Here's what you get when you join today...

Daily Essentials

Daily Essential Self Care

12 Healthy Daily Habits -- Weekly habit modules that start at the foundation and build upon each other to replenish your energy and gradually carve out time for you. Each module is in video and written form to best suit your learning style.

The Daily Essentials Workbook -- Guides you step-by-step through the modules. Jam-packed with essential oil tips and Ayurvedic wisdom for quick reference later too!

Energy Clearing Protocols -- Create new habits easily when you let go of your emotional blocks and shift your energy. Whether you are moving mountains or molehills these weekly clearings are the highlight of each week.

Daily Essential Tools

Essential Oils Healthy Habits Starter Kit comes with all of the oils you’ll need to support you in this course and beyond. Kit includes pure Lemon, Lavender & Frankincense Oils, On Guard, Deep Blue & Balance Blends, Lifelong Vitality Supplements, Terrazyme Digestive Enzymes & Veggie Caps) {Retail Value $343}

There may be other essential oils recommended throughout your journey, but these are the key essential oils that I use... all. the. time.

↳ doTERRA Annual Membership -- Included with the essential oil kit needed for the daily habits. After that, it works just like Costco! You’ll receive a 25% discount if you choose to purchase any other doTERRA products.

No Excuses Welcome Kit -- A treasure trove of tools so you don't have to run all over town. A beautiful blue oil pump bottle, lovely copper tongue scraper, dropper tops to make daily habits easy, recipes, and the indispensable oil resource book. Simple things right at your fingertips. {Value $85}

Daily Essentials Community

Long lasting support to stay on track and keep growing and evolving together. Happier, Healthier Functioning Humans... that's our goal together.

We are such an amazing group of women here.

I am so grateful for you Krista and everyone here. I am really grateful for this group and I really love the connection we have and saying to each other it's really ok to let this go, to let go of the fear and just allow it to be.

Kelly S. - Calgary, AB

↳ Weekly Group Calls -- You are not in this alone. Our community calls help you stay on track, ask questions if you get stuck and support for when you fall off the track. Plus if you can’t make the call don’t worry, all of these are recorded and easily accessible. {Your first 6 months of community calls are included with the course.}

↳ Exclusive Membership -- Our private Daily Essentials Facebook Group is where you’ll find additional support and discussion beyond the weekly calls. This is a vibrantly engaged community, sharing tips, challenges and life's little moments with a positive spin! {Lifetime Access}

↳ Monthly Speakers -- Seasonal speakers to keep your momentum and motivation flowing long after the course is complete. Expand your healthy lifestyle along with tapping, Fung Shui, moon cycles, numerology, wild edibles... the sky's the limit on what we'll explore next.

I love the weekly calls. Its something that’s very productive.

When we work on our own it's good to hear what others are going through too. The support of the group is huge.

Little tips, everyone gets around obstacles in a different way so it great when others share what works for them.

Ali W. - Invermere BC

Daily Essential Self Care

Not just a course, the Daily Essentials is complete wellness lifestyle.

A lifestyle that comes wrapped up in a community of support, love and acceptance for who you are.

Daily Essentials Course

for current doTERRA Members*


Already a member of doTERRA?

Sweet! You likely have most of what you need for essential oils and supplements already.

Check your oil and supplement cupboard and order anything you don’t have from this list on your account.

Essential Oils & Supplements to Establish Your Healthy Foundation:

Lemon, Lavender & Frankincense Oils, OnGuard, Deep Blue & Balance Blends, Lifelong Vitality Supplements, Terrazyme Digestive Enzymes, PB Assist Probiotic & Veggie Caps.

Daily Essentials Course + Kit

for new doTERRA Members*


New to doTERRA?

This is the perfect way to get started.

Learn how to use your oils safely and maximize their benefit with the healthy habits of yoga and Ayurveda.

This price option includes the Healthy Habits Starter Kit {retail value of $343} with the Essential Oils and one month supply of the supplements you need to support you in the course and beyond.

We’ll schedule an extra call together when you get your kit to go over it together.

Daily Essentials Course


Know you need extra support to make this happen for you?

Dealing with a health or emotional concern that needs a little more TLC?

The Flourish VIP Experience includes 10 Personal Yoga and Coaching Sessions (Value $1000) along with the Daily Habits Course & Community Support.

Local clients have the option of Aromatouch Massages or Symphony of the Cells treatments during their one on one sessions.

Add on the Essential Oil Kit at checkout if you are new to doTERRA.

Supporting my health benefits me and all of those that I love.

There are many many people offering courses that are not the same but similar and I think Krista herself is a big reason I love this one. Sometimes alternative health programs can be a bit whacky for me, but Krista brings a strong analytical mind and much research and preparation goes into everything she shares.

I like learning new things. I love the module format, I love the way you can check off progress, I like the weekly check-ins and I like the FB page. The thing that I have learned that has been the most transformational to me is the idea of habit stacking…. Oh and the bonus module on stress – that’s helped both me and my son.

Krista genuinely cares about the people she helps and makes suggestions that fit with individual goals, personalities, challenges, lifestyles and budgets. So grateful to have met her and value her input on how I can better support my health on an ongoing basis.

Melissa M.

Mom, Environmental Project Manager, Calgary, AB

Daily Essential Self Care

All it takes to boost your energy are the 3 R's...

Rhythm. Recipes. Rituals.

The 12 Modules are designed to flow seamlessly from one to the other as you build your energy and carve out time for you.

Here's how it works...

Pillar #1 - Rhythm

Modules 1 - 4

The foundation for building in the self care rituals that optimize your well-being:

🧡 The key to unlocking a day where your to-do list doesn’t overpower your clarity.

🧡 Why dinner timing {and not what you eat} impacts how to have more energy in the morning.

🧡The one essential oil habit that will kickstart your digestive fire in the morning.

Pillar One leads you step-by-step through how to sync to your natural daily rhythm. Living in sync with mother nature, reduces anxiety, improves your sleep quality, and you’ll have more energy to look at what else is possible for you.

Pillar #2 - Recipes

Modules 5 - 9

Continue to build on your healthy daily habits bringing in more of the good and less of the bad.

What you take in each day, whether its food, chemical exposure, thoughts and experiences all impact your digestive health, mental health and hormone balance.

The recipe modules provide;

🌱Tips and herbs to keep your digestive “fires” burning.

🌱How hormone health is vital to your vibrancy, and what products you might be using daily that are impacting this.

🌱Learn to support your body (and mind) during stressful times with yoga and Ayurveda practices.

🌱Plus everyones favourite module on the yummy “six-tastes” and how they can help keep you balanced.

Balance is a theme you’ll see throughout the lessons as you build on your understanding of your natural rhythms. We are not looking for perfection, but you’ll be amazing at how the little things you do add up.

Pillar #2 - Rituals

Modules 10 - 12

These final modules bring it all together by refining the foundational morning and evening habits you started at the beginning with lovely self-care rituals now that your energy levels are up and overwhelm is down.

Together we’ll explore:

🌸My absolute favourite daily self care ritual.

🌸The two morning habits that you’ll never want to live without again.

🌸How to tap into your inner wisdom and intuitive healing so you can live the life of possibility you’ve always wanted.

Access to Daily Essentials Self Care Course lasts a lifetime and during this final pillar, you’ll connect more deeply with the habits you learned in pillars one and two to feel more aligned with your spiritual goals and desires.

Feel Lighter, Healthier & Happier

Forget all the “shoulds” and discover what YOUR body really needs to have more energy and be happier and more centered throughout your day.

Still not sure if Daily Essentials is right for you?

Sure, you can continue to grab one-size-fits-all info online or buy a stack of books to work on these habits on your own.

But, it will take longer as you discover some of the same pitfalls that I went through.

I created this course so you don’t have to make the same mistakes I did.

Because you deserve to love your life.

I’m here to make it easy for you by…

Weaving ancient wisdom and modern science together,

to make sense of what healthy daily habits are right for your body.

And these great bonuses to make it even easier and super fun!

Essential Bonus’s… Extra Love and Support…

Easy Peasy Morning Yoga

Everything you need to start AND keep up your own yoga practice in your living room, bedroom or where ever you can roll out your mat. Promise!

Make sure yoga flows easily every morning. For total beginners to intermediates who want to make this a daily practice. Videos from 1 – 40 min to fit your morning. Plus printable tip sheets to make it so easy you can’t say no. (Value $197)

I have always said that I hate yoga. Every time I’ve tried yoga before, it hasn’t worked for me, it was just agony to do it.

But the way that Krista teaches it in her videos is so good for me.

She encouraged me to just do something and start, “just do one pose”. And then I find I want more, now it’s my favourite way to start my day.

Debby C. - Roberts Creek BC

Guided Meditation Library

Relax, clear your slate, rejuvenate, set your intention, check-in… from 3 min to 20 min. Perfect to start or end your day.

This program made September a different time.

As a teacher it is normally stressful and overwhelming, I would not thought it possible but this year was different.

These daily habits made me more intentional about how not just me but our whole family lives our life; the things we do, what we eat and our routines.

We are all so much calmer.
Thank you, Krista!

Cecilia B. - Mom & Teacher

I love the no guilt – caring environment.

The encouragement and acceptance I received from the group made me feel right at home even though I don’t practice yoga or meditation.

Each week I simply worked on one small thing but by the end of the course I was sleeping better and was adding in little “me” moments throughout my day that really helped be feel calm and in control even with my 4 kids and stressful career.

Marie F - Mother of 4 and Real Estate Broker,

Krista is a wealth of information and has many suggestions to troubleshoot any issues that arise.

I’m getting more benefit than I thought I would in so many different areas.

From not tired in the afternoon anymore and feeling really organized. I am not hungry in the afternoon and have more to offer at work and at home to everyone.

And we’re not even half way through!

Trena M. - Child Development Advisor

Have some questions?

Good! Let’s talk answers.

My world is so crazy right now. I'm not sure if I have time for this.

I so get that!  And to be honest this is why you need this right now. 

AND… It doesn’t matter if you do all the habits, in fact, almost no one does the first time through.

However, just doing one will start to shift that crazy overwhelmed life into …  I can squeeze in 2 minutes… and then 2 minutes leads to 5 minutes… and so on.

You have access to the modules forever. That doesn’t go away. There are no points for perfection, it’s all about taking that first step.

What happens if I can’t make the live support calls?

At Daily Essentials, we have mamas, grandmamas, teachers, professional working women and natural health practitioners, all looking to shift into healthier habits while still living in the midst of the messiness.

So, when you can’t make a call or any of the calls…..we get it.

The calls are recorded and added to the community hub so you can catch up on your schedule. You can always post questions or comments in the Facebook group any time of day or night or connect with me during our one-on-one sessions.

There are two times for our live calls; Tuesday Mornings at 8 am MT and Thursday Afternoons at 4 pm MT.

What if I need more personalized support?

I hear you – we are all unique which is why some one-on-one feedback will support you on your unique journey. 

There are (3) one-on-one VIP coaching sessions included in this course where we talk about the challenges you are facing and how you want to achieve your goals. 

If you feel you need more personalized support – the Flourish VIP option is an amazing value so you get the best of both worlds. We are all on a unique journey which is why this course works so well. 

What if I don’t do yoga?

Not to worry if you want to start learning a few basic yoga moves and introduce them into your own daily routine, that’s great! 

We have an amazing bonus {Easy Peasy Morning Yoga} that walks you through step by step adding yoga into your morning routine.But this is about what is right for you so any form of movement that you love is wonderful — it doesn’t have to be yoga. 

It’s about letting go of “should’s” not adding more!

I’ve practiced yoga for a long time. How is this course different?

Yoga and Ayurveda are both parts of the ancient Vedic wisdom, but Ayurveda is way more than yoga.

It’s like taking your yoga practice into your kitchen cupboards, your bed, and with you throughout the day. Think of the mindfulness and awareness of yoga extending far beyond your mat.  

And then… we amplify all of that with essential oils. They’ll take your yoga and wellness lifestyle to a whole new level.

Do I need to purchase more essential oils after the starter kit?

Yes - There are additional essential oils and supplements that we'll use throughout the full 90 days. During the course we'll build up your collection of oils and these will last you a long time. The estimated cost of essential oils and supplements is $350 CAD / mth for the initial 90 days.

During the 90 days you'll be able to tell if the supplements are helping in your body and then its up to you if you want to continue. This course includes a doTERRA membership which gives you the ability to purchase more oils and supports at wholesale prices. If you decide to continue using supplements to proactively support your health the cost is approximately $300 CAD / mth {there are ways to subsidize these costs}.

I already eat healthy do I really need the supplements?

One of the course foundations is supplements, your body needs building blocks to heal. this is why we include a one-month supply of supplements for you to test out to see if they make a difference for you.

It’s all about awareness and seeing what effect they have in your body. If you don’t notice a difference then you’ve answered your question. You might be surprised though at how a simple thing can make a huge impact on your energy, pain levels, and mood support.

Consistency is an issue for me - can I still do this?

I hear you sister!  Consistency is not my strength either.

We’ll be using every habit change trick in the book to make these daily actions happen naturally. And when we fall off the track, because life does happen, we’ve made it easy to hop back on with the right support and systems in place.

I’m not into all the woo-woo stuff… how weird is this going to be?

Think of this as a one woo journey.

We are tapping into alternative healing practices but we using tools that have researched and proven effective. I am an engineer and scientist under all the mala beads 🙂

I didn’t expect it to have such a huge impact.

I just thought I would learn a few things and broaden my knowledge.

Before the course life was stagnant,

I needed to take a leap to take action.

I had read about Ayurveda before but once Krista explained the Daily Rhythm everything just clicked, this awareness of how my energy naturally flows has changed my life.

It gives me a feeling of living.

I don’t have all these should’s and things I needed to do.

Now I go to work after having already accomplished something. Instead of just going to work and then coming home tired.

Ali W. - Invermere, BC

I felt like my life had no focus.

I would start things and never finish, feeling driftless, rudderless…

I didn’t really understand what the course was when I signed up for it. I just knew I needed to try something so I took a leap of faith and joined.

The support of the community has been really wonderful.

I have friends and I have family around as well, but this is a different group and everyone is so supportive. We’re all on the same page towards wanting to be healthy, happy, functioning humans 🙂

I’m so glad I took my leap of faith!”

Debby C. - Roberts Creek, BC

Join Daily Essentials only if

YOU are ready to…

Experience the benefits of individual one-on-one coaching.

Connect with a community of like-minded women.

Enjoy deeper, more refreshing sleep.


Cultivate a healthy belly and mind (they are so related!)

Discover the rhythms, recipes and rituals that are right for you.

Lean into the daily habits that will align you with your true nature.

Make this the day that you

start living the life of energy and vitality that you deserve.