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nourish-self-love-logoWhat would it take for you to feel

Energetic, Strong, & Vibrant?

You’ve got so much else you WANT to do,

but you’re too tired from everything you NEED to do…



want to exercise more,

feel stressed trying to get everything done,

have no time to relax and have fun,

eat quick food on the run.

Well, guess what:

It’s time to put yourself first.


And guess what…

Everything else will happen so much easier if you do!

You’ll still get everything else done; the kids will be fine and so will your partner.

In fact, you’ll likely get more done with your new focus, and best of all you’ll do it all with joy.


Nourish the Mother and the Child will Thrive


  • Be less stressed by your long to-do list.

  • Feel happy, strong and healthy.

  • Enjoy connecting with family and friends.

  • Be energetic and positive.

  • Retire healthy.

  • Feel a sense of calm and balance in your day.

What exactly is Nourish?

It’s a group, on-line class that gets you started on the small, simple things to build your

energy reserves – and makes it so easy you can’t say “no”.

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Here’s what you’ll discover in Nourish:


The natural daily routine that helps you live your potential.

The tools you need to make exercise and meditation so easy you can’t say NO.

What foods serve you best, and we’re all different – so relax and let go of the labels.

How your body is uniquely built and you can bring yourself back into balance.

Simple solutions to look after your body and senses naturally so you look younger and feel better.

What’s Inside?

10 Habits Weekly Lessons

Watch and learn the “why” and “how” as I lead you, step-by-step, through the Nourish habits.

Weekly Coaching Calls

Weekly calls to ask Q’s, share successes and challenges and evolve faster and further than on your own.

VIP Coaching

Private sessions with Krista to dive deep into your personal health challenges.

Your Tribe

“We are the average of the 5 people we hang out with.” Up-level your health as you connect with each other during the course and forever more.


Your Personal Workbook

Record and plan during the lessons and group calls to help you implement your new habits.

Doterra Membership

Nourish your senses and reward your progress with a one year membership and starter kit of essential oils.

Yoga Classes

Access to the members only section of Yoga Videos and Tipsheets to get you started and challenge you.


Guided meditation and visualizations to help clear your mind and focus your day.



Whole food recipes to fuel your creativity and heal your body.

Nourish Self Love

The Nourish Curriculum

(Next Session Starts January 27, 2018)

Just a little taste of what you’ll find inside the course:


Week 1

Why “when” you eat matters more than “what” you eat.


Week 3 - Start the Day Right

Start by putting yourself first, then enjoy the calm focus and productivity all day long…


Week 5 - Plant Based Diet

Explore the magic of plants in your diet and how they affect your emotions and energy.


Week 7 - Meditation

The benefits of sitting in silence for your body, mind and emotions. Even just for a minute…


Week 9 - Sense Organ Care

Your senses are how you perceive the world. How do you take care of yours?


Week 2 - Early to Bed

How sleep can curb your appetite and fuel your whole day.


Week 4 - Breath Body Practices

Finding the perfect excercise for your body and lifestyle.


Week 6 - Self - Massage

The secret weapon to nourishing yourself and enhancing your immune system.


Week 8 - Healthier Eating Guidelines

Establish a loving relationship to the food and tastes that nourish you.


Week 10 - Easeful Living

Choose to let go of stress and favour ease and flow to see how you really show up in the world.

Ready to Say YES to YOU?

You are worth it!

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Hi! I’m Krista Strayer, the founder of Flourish Schools and Flourish Yoga.

I’m also a recovering engineer and “dance mom” to two teen-aged girls. And yes – some days it’s just like the show… Even though I started out my professional career as an Engineer my heart was really in teaching and helping others. Just when our girls came along a back injury encouraged me to leave my desk job and work from home. Yoga was the key to healing my back and keeping up with the kids energy. My teaching career took root through yoga as I learned how to look after my own health and I fell in love with the potential of teaching yoga to kids when they can use this amazingly fun practice for their whole lives.

After teaching yoga in schools for over 10 years I realized the most impact I could have on the school was to share my journey and studies with the teachers and parents who give so much to our next generation. Nourish is the result of my over-achieving nature (only I can make teaching yoga stressful!) and my love of serving others. I know the traps we get into by giving away so much and not looking after ourselves, I’ve been there and done that. And now its time we choose another path.

I found myself so busy looking after everyone else and wondering “Who is looking after me?” and “When will I get 2 minutes to do what I need to  do?” and the ever present.. “If only I could finish a thought…”

If you’ve found yourself asking the same questions and feeling like everything and everyone is depending on you then it’s time you took the time to look after the one everyone else is turning to. I bet you’ll fit right in at Nourish.

It’s nice to meet you.

Meet Krista

Krista Strayer

What Nourishers are saying.

This course made September a different time. As a teacher it is normally stressful and overwhelming, I would not thought it possible but this year was different. Nourish has made me more intentional about how not just me but our whole family lives our life; the things we do, what we eat and our routines. We are all so much calmer. Thank you, Krista!


Grade 2 Teacher, Calgary, AB

Before joining Nourish I was overwhelmed and had so much going on that while I dreamed of changing my life I didn’t think I had time for this. Krista helped me understand that simply adding in one small thing at a time adds up to huge changes. The habits I have struggled to change for years like starting a meditation practice are now just part of my day and instead of taking time the program has re-energized my day.


Web Based Business Advisor, Laguna Beach, CA

I love the no guilt – caring environment. The encouragement and acceptance I received from the group made me feel right at home even though I don’t practice yoga or meditation. Each week I simply worked on one small thing but by the end of the course I was sleeping better and was adding in little “me” moments throughout my day that really helped be feel calm and in control even with my 4 kids and stressful career.


Mother of 4 and Real Estate Broker, Toronto, ON

Krista is a wealth of information and has many suggestions to trouble shoot any issues that arise. I’m getting more benefit than I thought I would in so many different areas. I’m not tired in the afternoon anymore. I feel really organized, I’m not hungry in the afternoon.  I have more to offer at work and at home to everyone. and we’re not even half way through!


Child Development Advisor , Calgary, AB

100% Risk-Free!

When we start, you have 100% access to the entire course. Take a look around, start on the first session, explore the yoga and meditation resources and try out a recipe. If you’re not satisfied, write to us within 24 hours after the course starts. I’ll gladly offer you a full and complete refund; no hard feelings. All I ask is that you let me know why you’re not satisfied so that I can continue to improve.

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Nourish Self Love

✓ 10 Video Lessons to watch at your own pace.
✓ 10 Community Calls to make the habits work for you.
✓ 2 VIP calls to work deeper on your challenges.
✓ Workbook to discover your next growth edge.
✓ Habit Change Guide to prompt lasting changes.
✓ Yoga Routines from beginner to advanced.
✓ Meditations to guide your daily practice.
✓ Recipes to fuel your energy and vibrancy.
✓ Lifetime access to the Nourish Tribe on Facebook.
✓ Doterra Essential Oil Membership and Intro Oils Kit.

Bonus: Preferred registration for Nourish Retreats and Spa-Days


Do I have to live in Calgary to take the course?

No – the course is designed to be all done on-line and call times are selected to work with time zones throughout North America and worldwide.

What if I can’t make any of the live call times?

The Webinar Training Modules are all designed to listen to when it is convenient for you.  For the Live Community Calls we will do our best to schedule calls so that everyone gets a chance to participate as this is an important part of our training to be a part of the community.  If you can’t make any of the times designated let us know and we’ll try and work out another group time.  While we will do our utmost to make sure you have a chance to participate we also appreciate that you will make the same effort.

What if I don’t have facebook?

The facebook forum helps to build community but is not a required piece of the course.  All materials are distributed through email and we will review the facebook discussions on our weekly live calls together so you won’t miss out on any information.

Are there any additional costs for textbooks for the course.

No –  there are no required texts to purchase.  All of the learning will take place on-line.  There may be books recommended for further information but these are not required.

Are there any other additional costs for the course?

The only other item you may want to consider purchasing is a headset or a pair of earphones.  A headset makes on-line courses much more enjoyable as you will be able to listen in and ask questions.  Without a headset we may receive too much interference depending on your location and background noise to get you live on the call.

What if I already have an Essential Oils Account?

That’s fabulous and you will already be aware of how essential oils can help to nourish and restore your energy. Let me know this when we are on our consultation call together and I’ll give you a code to use when you register.

We'd love to have you...

Become a part of Club Nourish and start living your life in a way that’s right for you.

The next course starts January 27, 2018.

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